Monday, 24 September 2018

One Of Us Is Lying Book Review

"A geek, a jock, criminal, a princess... And a murder. Who would you believe?"

When 5 high school students all with completely different goals, attitudes and outlooks on life end up in a detention together the last thing they expected was to come out as murder suspects.
When Simon, a student who somehow knows everything about everyone, dies unexpectedly in a classroom it shocks everyone. But what shocks them more is that Simon was about to post the four suspects deepest darkest secrets online. How did he find out? Who told him? How did he die? And who killed him?
Everyone has a secret, but how far would they go to keep it that way?

One Of Us Is Lying is a teen thriller written by Karen McManus.
The first thing I loved about this book was the way it was written it follows the lives of four high school students, meaning that each character tells their side of the story. So when reading the book I was pleased to find that each chapter is written from a different characters point of view. This can be a risky way to write a book because it can be confusing to read. However even though I had four different characters to engage with and connect to I found it easy because the book was written so well.
The book kept me guessing until
This book was a page turner and a half, with a story line that changes drastically as the book goes on. The characters were so different and well developed that I could relate to them easily.

Overall a fantastic, easy but engaging read that I would give 4 stars to! 

Monday, 23 July 2018

My Summer Bucket List 2018

The summer holidays are here! Not that it means anything to me since I haven't been at school for a long time.
I can't believe how quickly this year is going, you really start to notice it as you get older.
So I thought it'd be a good idea to make a little summer bucket list of all the things I'd like to do this summer.

I decided to make this list into a blog post for two reasons. Firstly because I thought it would be nice for my readers to have a glance through this bucket list when they themselves are stuck for things to do this summer. I do find that sometimes it's really hard to think of things to do, especially things that don't cost too much money. Secondly I wanted to have this list somewhere easily accessible for myself so I don't forget about it. Plus I thought I could come back to the post at the end of the summer and tick off everything that I managed to do.

So here is my Summer 2018 Bucket List 

1) LOTS of Beach Trips - To places like Hunstanton (Which is my favourite), Well-Next-The-Sea, Felixtowe & Blackpool.

2) Strawberry Picking - There's a place about 10 minutes from me that does PYO Strawberries every year, I went once last year and that's not nearly enough!

3) Picnics - I didn't have nearly as many picnics last year as I wanted to. It's such an easy way to have a lovely afternoon out in the sunshine so I'll make sure I make more effort to have some this year.

4) BBQ's! - Having BBQ's isn't an easy one for me because of the fact that I work evenings and weekends. So this year I'm going to make sure that I have BBQ's at any chance I get. Midweek or weekends, I'll be barbecuing!

5) Do some photography!!! - You've probably noticed that I mention doing more photography in my other blog posts. It's because I have a lovely Nikon camera and I never get enough time to use it as much as I want to. Hopefully this summer I'll get to use it a bit more, because I'm going to Wales on holiday in August and I'll definitely be needing a good camera for that. I'm sure you'll be seeing a blogpost about it after I get back.

6) Go swimming - Swimming used to be a nightmare for me. I hated being in a swimming costume and I let it stop me from going. However since I lost weight I don't worry about it at all like I used to. I feel comfortable in a cozzie now so I'll have to make sure I go more this year.

7) Go to an outdoor cinema - I've always wanted to do this! There are lots of events like this near me but I never manage to get my butt in gear and get tickets. I'd really like to see something like Grease or Dirty Dancing at an outdoor cinema.

8) Plenty of walks - My boyfriend Kai and I tend to go on walks together alot as a cheap way of spending time together and getting outdoors. But we always say how we should go on more, and go to new places so I think that's what we should both try and do this year. It will be nice to explore new places as well. Also we need to stop letting things like rain and mud stop us from going, I think it's time we both invested in some wellies!

9) Lay under the stars - Strangely this is something I've never done, but it's definitely something I've always wanted to do. On a clear, warm night I'd like to find a nice spot and just put down a blanket with some nice snacks and lay under the stars with the one that I love. I'd love for Kai and I to do that this year.

10) Travel somewhere for a long weekend - I'd really love to go somewhere new this year, doesn't have to be somewhere abroad or expensive. Just a nice way to get away for a bit. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, but I think that's a little far to go for just a few days. It is on my travel bucket list though. However another place I'd like to go is Bath. I'm not fussy though, anywhere new and exciting.

I think that's definitely enough to be getting on with! I hope that you enjoyed reading my summer bucket list. Hopefully it will inspire you to get out and enjoy the summer and maybe with a little help from my list you won't get stuck for things to do.
I already can't wait to start ticking things off this list!

Until next time x