Monday, 23 July 2018

My Summer Bucket List 2018

The summer holidays are here! Not that it means anything to me since I haven't been at school for a long time.
I can't believe how quickly this year is going, you really start to notice it as you get older.
So I thought it'd be a good idea to make a little summer bucket list of all the things I'd like to do this summer.

I decided to make this list into a blog post for two reasons. Firstly because I thought it would be nice for my readers to have a glance through this bucket list when they themselves are stuck for things to do this summer. I do find that sometimes it's really hard to think of things to do, especially things that don't cost too much money. Secondly I wanted to have this list somewhere easily accessible for myself so I don't forget about it. Plus I thought I could come back to the post at the end of the summer and tick off everything that I managed to do.

So here is my Summer 2018 Bucket List 

1) LOTS of Beach Trips - To places like Hunstanton (Which is my favourite), Well-Next-The-Sea, Felixtowe & Blackpool.

2) Strawberry Picking - There's a place about 10 minutes from me that does PYO Strawberries every year, I went once last year and that's not nearly enough!

3) Picnics - I didn't have nearly as many picnics last year as I wanted to. It's such an easy way to have a lovely afternoon out in the sunshine so I'll make sure I make more effort to have some this year.

4) BBQ's! - Having BBQ's isn't an easy one for me because of the fact that I work evenings and weekends. So this year I'm going to make sure that I have BBQ's at any chance I get. Midweek or weekends, I'll be barbecuing!

5) Do some photography!!! - You've probably noticed that I mention doing more photography in my other blog posts. It's because I have a lovely Nikon camera and I never get enough time to use it as much as I want to. Hopefully this summer I'll get to use it a bit more, because I'm going to Wales on holiday in August and I'll definitely be needing a good camera for that. I'm sure you'll be seeing a blogpost about it after I get back.

6) Go swimming - Swimming used to be a nightmare for me. I hated being in a swimming costume and I let it stop me from going. However since I lost weight I don't worry about it at all like I used to. I feel comfortable in a cozzie now so I'll have to make sure I go more this year.

7) Go to an outdoor cinema - I've always wanted to do this! There are lots of events like this near me but I never manage to get my butt in gear and get tickets. I'd really like to see something like Grease or Dirty Dancing at an outdoor cinema.

8) Plenty of walks - My boyfriend Kai and I tend to go on walks together alot as a cheap way of spending time together and getting outdoors. But we always say how we should go on more, and go to new places so I think that's what we should both try and do this year. It will be nice to explore new places as well. Also we need to stop letting things like rain and mud stop us from going, I think it's time we both invested in some wellies!

9) Lay under the stars - Strangely this is something I've never done, but it's definitely something I've always wanted to do. On a clear, warm night I'd like to find a nice spot and just put down a blanket with some nice snacks and lay under the stars with the one that I love. I'd love for Kai and I to do that this year.

10) Travel somewhere for a long weekend - I'd really love to go somewhere new this year, doesn't have to be somewhere abroad or expensive. Just a nice way to get away for a bit. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, but I think that's a little far to go for just a few days. It is on my travel bucket list though. However another place I'd like to go is Bath. I'm not fussy though, anywhere new and exciting.

I think that's definitely enough to be getting on with! I hope that you enjoyed reading my summer bucket list. Hopefully it will inspire you to get out and enjoy the summer and maybe with a little help from my list you won't get stuck for things to do.
I already can't wait to start ticking things off this list!

Until next time x

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Deadpool 2 Review *Spoliers As Usual*

The other day I popped to the cinema for the first time in a while, and saw Deadpool 2. Of course I did want to see this film from when I first saw the trailer, but I don't know about any of you, I've found that there isn't alot coming out at the moment. I think this is due to the fact that the entire world was so hyped up for Avengers: Infinity War that now most of us have seen it we don't know what to see next.
So obviously Deadpool is a Marvel character, but he's not like any of the other Marvel characters. He swears alot, kills alot of people and is very unsuitable for children, hence why people love him.
I loved the first movie, it was brilliant, humorous and witty.

As for the second...

I checked out some reviews on the film before going to see it, and I have to say I was getting a hell of a mixture. Some people loved it, said it was better than the first. Others said it wasn't funny, and put the original to shame. I think reading the reviews was the best thing I could have done, because seeing the mixture of opinions meant that I went into the film with an open mind, I wasn't expecting much. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised.

I have to say the best part of both films is Ryan Reynolds, I think he's a fantastic actor, and his Deadpool role has really put him on the map (Metaphorically!). Personally I would say the film was funnier than the first, however lots of people disagreed with this statement. I was laughing alot throughout it and I really appreciated the humour in the film, it was witty and some of it was below the belt but I didn't expect anything less.
One of the things I loved about both films was all of the references to other Marvel films, Deadpool 2 mentions the likes of Wolverine and the Avengers, and of course the Xmen. I love how the other Marvel films kind of tie in with Deadpool but they don't tie in so much so that people think they are actually related to Deadpool.

In this film Deadpool finally gives in to Collosus and becomes an 'Xman in training'. Having to save a young boy who is being hunted for crimes he commits in the future.

During the film the 'bad guy' Cable was introduced very quickly and I did feel like this part of the film was very rushed, I almost felt like I was already supposed to know who this 'Cable' guy was, as if he was in the first film. Which he wasn't. So I do think his character introduction could have been executed better. However once I found out a little more about him later in the timeline, I thought he was awesome! One reference I really enjoyed was towards Cable, since the actor that played him also plays Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. I simply thought that was a nice little reference.

One thing I have to comment on about the film was the twice use of the 'C' word. I don't use this word and I'm not really a fan of it, so I didn't really think it was necessary to have it in the film. The word wasn't used in the first film, so why was it in the second? Personally I think it's because so many people didn't realise that the first Deadpool was going to be a film with so much inappropriateness in it, so when they watched it there was lots of upset by the language and humour used. Therefore by throwing this word around a couple of times was a massive middle finger to all those people that moaned about the original. It didn't bother me that much, I just didn't think it was necessary.

Anyway, overall I thought this film was highly entertaining and hilarious. It didn't have a particularly strong plotline, but it was engaging, super entertaining and a good watch. The characters were great, especially Collossus. And eventually Cable was a good character as well. As I said I wasn't expecting the film to be as good as it was so I got a nice surprise. I'd definitely watch it again, although I would only say it was funnier than the first one, but not better than the first.

Have you been to see it yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.