Sunday, 23 April 2017

15 Ways To Take A Break

So last post I imparted wisdom upon you, giving you some tips on how to crack on with your work. If you've already checked said post out then THANKYOU! If you haven't quite got round to it then what are you waiting for!? 
Anyway I'm back with this follow up post! 15 ways to take a break

We all want to keep on top of our work and avoid the stress of deadlines, however we also have to remember that it's alright to take a break. I don't mean have a month or two away from your work. I mean if you're spending a wonderful Sunday morning getting some writing or revision done then you need to stop every hour or so for at least a few minutes. 
I've found from my experience that it's a good idea to break every hour and each break should consist of around 10 or 15 minutes. However you do have to be careful with your time. If you don't have much time then it's best to only break when you feel the need.
For example sometimes I only have an hour or two to work so I will only take a break if I need to. It's all about making the most of your time for me.
Breaks are good for the brain and they also help to generate new ideas. I can't count the amount of times I've been struggling with my novel, unable to think of what to write next. Then I've taken a quick break and busied my mind with something else for 10 minutes, then when I've gone back to it afterwards it was like a light bulb in my mind! You'd be surprised what a few moments break does for you. 

So here it is, 15 different ways to take a break:

  • Read a book - it will take your mind off your work
  • Look out of a window - it will give you inspiration 
  • Listen to music - sparks creativity
  • Meditate or close your eyes for a while - head clearing 
  • Take a walk outside - gets you away from your work station 
  • Eat something - refuels the body 
  • Drink something - hydrating the brain 
  • Colour or draw something - keeps you creative
  • Take a drive - new surroundings 
  • Sit down in nature - calming and gives new ideas 
  • Watch something funny - helps you let go for a while 
  • Go and buy something (eg. some new pens) - gets you out and makes you want to get back to work
  • Stretch - helps to relax the body and maintain blood flow
  • Call a friend - keeps you sane 
  • Catch up with social media - may give fresh ideas.  
I've found that all of these work marvellously and its good to have a little variation in your breaks.
My favourite ways to take a break are to listen to music or catch up on social media because it helps me to escape from my work for a while. I also like to walk outside or go for a drive, being in new surroundings helps me to relax and get a bit of air.  One more thing I tend to do is to go and make a coffee. The coffee warms me up and also allows me to get away from my desk for a while. 

There you go, I've shared with you my ways of taking a break. I hope these work for you too!
Do you use any of these? Or have you found something that works even better? Let me know in the comments.