Saturday, 1 April 2017

Film Review: Get Out

I went to see this film yesterday after having wanted to see it for quite a while. I must admit that I was excited about this film from the very first trailer I watched. Looking like a new-age suspense thriller it peaked my interest straight away.

However before I get into reviewing the film I feel I need to take a moment to give praise to the cinema experience I had. I watched Get Out whilst I was visiting my boyfriend in Derby. Using a cinema called Showcase Derby Cinema de Lux which is located at the very top of the Intu shopping centre in town. I must say I was impressed with the entirety of this cinema and have been spoilt by it. First of all I was impressed with the low ticket prices, the cost of  two adult tickets equalling out at probably just over the price of one at most other cinemas. I was then impressed with the amount of space inside the screening areas of the cinema. With a total of 12 screens altogether this allowed for a much more comfortable experience rather than as many seats as possible crammed into half the amount of screening areas. Then finally the most impressive part of this cinema was possibly the most comfortable and luxurious seats I've ever experienced. This made for a very relaxing and enjoyable visit. Overall this cinema was one of the best I've ever visited and I would definitely recommend it should you find yourself in Derby for a visit.

Anyway getting back to the film, as I mentioned before I was looking forward to watching Get Out, and after watching it I wasn't disappointed that I did. However as I left the cinema both myself and my companion said, and I quote 'I'm not sure how I felt about that.' Now this reaction was strange coming from me since I usually have a very strong and solid opinion when it comes to films.
However after Get Out I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not. It had a well thought out story line with no annoying plot holes, the acting from my point of view was good and the entire concept of the film was brilliant. As I'd hoped it was a new-age suspense thriller with a very different and interesting concept.
Although for me, this film lacked the x-factor that viewers normally look for when watching a film. I can't pin point exactly what it was but I was certainly lacking in that excitement you have to buy the film when it's finally released on DVD. I can find no other way to describe it other than that I'm glad I saw the film but I wouldn't buy it personally.

Get Out was overall a mediocre film with an interesting concept, however lacked to impress in any other areas. I believe that most of the reason for this would be due to the strangely high ratings it received online. Getting a high rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb, 99% rotten tomatoes and 84% Metacritic. I think these ratings may have lead people to get their hopes too high for this film. Therefore ending in a flat falling slab of disappointment. Which only leaves me to remind you never to base your opinion of a film on someone else's, read reviews but also go and see the film for yourself. Oh and let me know what you think!


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