Saturday, 8 April 2017

Funko Pops: The Price Battle

I'm sure most of you already know all about the new world of Pop Vinyls but I'll give a brief overview about them. Pop Vinyls are a series of figures made by an American company called Funko. Funko produces over 1000 different vinyl figures.
The Pop Vinyls did seem to spring out of nowhere, and now there are hardly any types of pops that you CAN'T collect.
They come in various models and have a range of both vinyl figures, bobble heads, plush toys and even some tiny pops you can use as key rings. If you don't already own a Pop Vinyl yet then I would recommend purchasing one! Or even starting a collection of them.
This leads me onto what exactly this post is about. I'm giving a little advice in this post, advice on exactly where to buy your pops.
As I said earlier we've suddenly had an influx of Pop Vinyls and they have been working their way into lots of our popular shops. The Pop Vinyls entice us towards them when we see them stacked on top of one another making a literal 'wall of Pops'. Its so exciting plucking your Pop Vinyl shaped brick out of the wall and taking it home with you to put on your windowsill or bookshelf (like myself). However it will end up costing you alot of money if you buy them from a shop.
You see, as much as I love collecting these wonderful figures, I have found that the figures that are sold in the various shops are largely overpriced.
I currently own 11 Pop Vinyls and I have purchased most of them online (on ebay to be specific). I've found the online Pops to be much cheaper when I compared them with the ones in the shops.
If you're buying your Pop from a UK shop then you're looking at paying around £13 or £14 for it. I've also seen some for as much as £17! However if you shop online, granted it isn't as much fun as choosing one from the Great Wall of Pops, but it will save you some money. I've purchased my Pops on ebay for around £10 each time, and most of the time there isn't a delivery charge on them. This is also similar with buying Pop Vinyls on Amazon. Therefore I'm saving myself a substantial amount of money each time. Meaning I have more money to buy more Pops!
Overall Pop Vinyls are fun and varied collectable figures and I would definitely recommend you to start a collection of them, but heed my advice and buy them online, saving yourself money and possibly from being crushed under a giant wall of Pops.

Do you have a collection of pops? Show me!!
Have you found anywhere that sells them cheaper than other shops? Let me know in the comments.

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