Sunday, 2 April 2017

Review: Ghost in the Shell. *Slight Spoilers*

I went to see this film today and boy did it suit it's title. A ghost of a plot line inside a shell of...well nothing really. The entire film lacked in both plot and character development.
I'll start with the character development issue, the main thing for me was the lack of an antagonist. In other words the 'bad guy'. The first half of the film left both myself and my companion thinking 'hold on, who is the bad guy supposed to be?'. We had been practically thrown into the film and the characters were introduced all at once and so quickly that we really didn't know what was happening through most of it. Then to top it off it turns out the character who was introduced as the 'bad guy' wasn't even a 'bad guy' after all,  it was someone else. Therefore with a major lack of character development you're left feeling almost cheated as well as disappointed.
Next there's the lack of plot. As I said before the viewers were thrown into the thick of the plot too quickly which meant it was easy to lose interest in the film when the only explanation of the time and setting of the film was a few words on the screen at the beginning.
Overall the film plot was very rushed and needed much more detail than it was given.
The film also contained some of the most cringe-worthy dialogue I've heard. Making you almost squirm in your seat listening to it.

I didn't feel much of an excitement to see this film when I first saw the trailer and honestly wasn't expecting it to be very good at all, especially with it being a very futuristic film containing alot of risks like the synthetics. I must say I found the movements and acting of the characters with synthetic bodies very cringe-worthy and overplayed. Like they were almost trying to hard to look and act like a robot.
However the one thing I will say I did enjoy about this film was the way the futuristic city looked, with the bright and vibrant colours along with the sky high buildings and moving advertisements it was, for me, a perfect depiction of what a far fetched and futuristic world would really look like.

Overall this film for me was very empty and lacking in many areas. It needed more explanantion, better plot and much more character development. Leaving me disappointed as I left the cinema.

Did you feel the same? Let me know in the comments!


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