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Stephen King's IT: Remake Trailer Review

So we're going to talk about the re-make of Stephen King's most terrifying novel. IT.
Now the original film was released in 1990, so yeah, along time ago. So I suppose it was about time for a re-make! I was quite excited when I saw the trailer was out since I hadn't actually heard much about the film. And I wasn't disappointed!
Before we get onto that, let's talk a little about the 1990 trailer for IT. During the original trailer we see lots of potentially good scenes from the film, and when watching the trailer having already seen the film I noticed that all the most iconic parts of this terrifying film are very prominent in the trailer. For example we see the character of Billy making his little brother George a paper boat, and it's when little Georgie goes out in the rain to sail his boat that we first see Pennywise the clown. Which I believe was one of the scariest scenes of the film. The scene where Pennywise emerges from the sewer. I think this scene has stuck with alot of people over the years, causing them to tread more carefully near open sewage drains.

Also the original trailer features Pennywise's most well known phrase which is used through most of the film.
'We all float down here..'
I can hear his creepy voice in my head as I read the words. Can't you?
Overall the original trailer is good, it gives enough information and is very creepy with its dramatic and unnerving music. The trailer gave a great sneak peak into probably one of the scariest and influential horror films of its time.

However it's time for a new Pennywise...

When watching the new trailer I was excited, with the film making tech we have now I knew the horrors of this film would only grow. I will admit I loved the new trailer! It promises so much horror and a much darker version of the story if you ask me!
The new trailer did well to stick by the original by showing the first scene almost exactly the same as the film before. It opens with Billy making a paper boat for his brother George again. We also see the same drain scene as we did in the original trailer. However this is where things change, we don't see a large amount of Pennywise's face when he is in the drain, leaving the viewer to watch the rest of the trailer in order to see what Pennywise reborn looks like. We also don't hear Pennywise say his famous words in this scene.
'We all float down here, Georgie'...
We do hear someone say it later on, but it sounds more like a child's voice.
Also another thing that differs from the original trailer is the fact that during the new trailer we only ever see the characters as children. Now if you know much about the film or book you'll know that the characters go back to their hometown as adults to try to end Pennywise's reign of terror once and for all. However we don't see any sign of the characters growing up at all. Will this effect the film? Or will it constitute a sequel? It could mean a sequel is in the thought process because, I don't know if you all remember, but the original film is so long that it has to be split onto 2 sides of a DVD disc. Does this mean Warner Brothers has a sequel up their sleeves? We shall have to see.
Now during the new trailer we do eventually see a full glimpse of Pennywise in the projector scene of the trailer. However it is very quick and you don't get much of a view of his face. I will admit I spent far too much time trying to pause the trailer on the right part to get a better look at him.
When I did finally get a proper look I was impressed...and shocked.
The Pennywise I saw on the projection screen was much different to the one I saw behind the sheet in the original trailer. His clothes are much darker, and his hair and face doesn't appear to be as bright as before. However he does still have those tremendous yellow eyes. And he is even more terrifying than before!! Does this mean there will be a much darker look to the entire story? I hope so.
The trailer ends with what looks like the end sewer seen, however it doesn't appear to be in a sewer this time, I could be wrong but the scene appears to be in a flooded basement of a house.  Do we think that this is the creepy house that we see earlier on in the trailer? Perhaps.
The trailer ends on possibly the scariest scene I think I've ever seen. Pennywise charges at the characters from out of the water. Leaving the viewer almost petrified as a dark screen flashes and the word 'IT' written in blood emerges onto the screen.

Overall the new trailer for IT gives us a good look at the way the remake will be portrayed. As I said before this film looks much darker and much scarier than the original. The storyline from what we can see has been changed slightly but not necessarily for the worse. However we won't know until we see the entire film. I do feel like we're going to see a completely new and improved Pennywise, and a much darker and creepier storyline.

I think that perhaps before the new film hits the cinemas it would be and good idea to re-watch the original to get yourself familiar with the characters and the storyline once again. Then you'll be ready for a new fright fest when the new film releases later on in the year. It seems we have alot to look forward to with this new film and I personally look forward to writing a full review on it!

What do you think of the new trailer? And what do you think of Original Pennywise VS Pennywise Reborn? Let me know in the comments!

But for now, remember...we all float down here!

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