Saturday, 15 April 2017

Why you should be using Pinterest!

OK so this time I've got a recommendation post for you. Telling you all about how great Pinterest is and why you should be using it if you aren't already.
Firstly I'll give you a brief overview of what exactly Pinterest is...
Pinterest is a site where you can 'pin' (which in this case means save) things that you like or you want to use later. The site has a search bar at the top that allows you to type in anything that you want to search, it then brings up lots of posts that are related to your topic. You can then click straight onto the site that the post is from, or you can 'pin' the post onto one of your 'boards' (basically like a folder) to look at later.
I first found out about Pinterest from a friend, I saw them using theirs to research art ideas and I was curious as to what it was. He explained it to me and I downloaded it later that day. I was glad that he explained it before I downloaded it otherwise I think I might have found it quite confusing. Which is the main reason I made this post for you.
I'm so glad I made a Pinterest account however because I think that Pinterest is probably the best app on my phone, I've used it for so much!
I have a total of 14 different boards on my Pinterest including boards for drawing, writing, blogging, photography, prompts, games and baking. Its so handy because when I see a photography tip that I want to remember or some cookies that I want to try baking, then I can pin them to one of my boards and look at it anytime I want. Below is an example of 2 of my boards on Pinterest, I use the top one for saving recipes and baking tips and I use the bottom one for saving blogging ideas and tips.

What to love:

  • You can have lots of different boards
  • Able to keep all your ideas in one place
  • Easy to find what you want
  • Sites can lead to free printables of what you're looking for
  • Lots of information and tips to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Helps with writers/bloggers block
  • No limit on how many things you can pin
  • You can follow certain boards or people that you like
  • Can create secret boards for if you're looking at present ideas
Pinterest is good for pretty much anyone with a hobby they are passionate about. My main hobby is writing but I also dabble in drawing, photography and baking as well. Therefore I use Pinterest to save lots of tips for everything I am interested in. I can keep all my ideas and inspiration in one place, then when I need some blogging inspiration then I can just click on my 'Blogging' board and find whatever I need. 
I have seen other people use theirs for ideas for kids, holidays, date ideas, healthy eating and fashion. 
Every blogger should have Pinterest, it's so beneficial and helps to keep you inspired.

Do you use Pinterest? Do you find it as helpful as me? Let me know! 

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