Friday, 5 May 2017

20 Things That Are Just The Worst

We all have moments where something happens and we literally think to ourselves something along the lines of 'Argh I hate it when this happens!' Your version may be slightly more explicit than that but let's go with what I said.
I can tell you that I have moments like these a few times a day. Some of them are so irritating that they're enough to put you into a bad mood for the remainder of the day.
So here I have for you, a list of 20 (and only 20, but believe me there are plenty more!) things that are just the worst!
 The reason I'm posting this is because sometimes it's nice to have a little rant, and also it would be nice to know that other people find these things annoying.
So to quote Heath Ledger's Joker...And Here. We. Go.

1) Accidentally brushing your teeth before breakfast
2) Late deliveries
3) Your favourite pen running out
4) Forgetting about your tea, then drinking it without realising it's cold until it's in your mouth
5) The hoover getting stuck on every chair and table leg
6) Being a popular clothes size
7) Your favourute clothes shrinking in the wash
8) Being a different clothes sizes for each shop
9) Waking up minutes before your alarm
10) Stalling your car
11) Finding something you just bought cheaper somewhere else
12) Your mascara running out
13) When radio stations take good songs and speed them up
14) Getting lost
15) Needing the bathroom in the middle of the night
16) Losing the squishy bit off your earphones
17) Videos online having to buffer
18) The self checkout giving you lots of change instead of a note
19) Vouchers expiring before you can use them
20) People noticing you have a spot, then pointing it out

There you have it, my top 20 things that are just the worst. They all annoy me equally but if I had to choose one it would be forgetting about my tea or coffee and then going to drink it and it's cold. The part that gets me is the shock of the coldness and the fact that once it's in your mouth you kinda just have to swallow it. It makes me shiver with regret.

I'm sure alot of you can relate to most of these things but which one of them really gets to you? Or is there something else that grinds your gears? Let me know in the comments!

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