Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Tour Around...My Bookshelf

Hey everyone, so today I thought I'd give you an insight into my world. I realised that all you know me as is The Kirsty View. It's time you learnt something new about me. So earlier on I got out my trusty Nikon D40x and took some pictures of my wonderful collection of books.
So sit back, relax and welcome to The Kirsty View Book Tour!

Alright I've started you off with a full picture of my bookshelf. Yes, that's alot of books. The only exception is the 5th shelf down which is DVD'S. (I also have alot of those too!)
I haven't had this beautiful bookcase long, before that I had a pretty rickety old shelving unit which was falling apart under the weight of all my books. However recently I got this one and it holds my books perfectly! It's still pretty full though as you can see.
I do love my books.

Above is a close up of one of my shelves. This shelf includes my collection of Dan Brown books I got for Christmas last year. It also includes a book or two by my all time favourite author Mark Edwards. His books are mostly psychological thrillers and his writing is just wonderful. I've read more of his books than I actually own but I'll probably get them at some point.

This shelf holds my Tolkien books, well some of them! The others are all on the very bottom shelf. Also towards the middle of this shelf is my all time favourite book! The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, I am so in love with that book! Perhaps I'll do a post about it soon, keep a look out.
Also on this shelf are 4 of my Pop Vinyls. From left to right they are;
Freddy Kruger
Heath Ledger's Joker
And Daryl Dixon
You'll notice plenty more Pops sitting pretty on my shelves too.

This shelf is my second favourite out of all of them. An entire shelf devoted to Stephen King. He deserves nothing less! Stephen King is one of my favourite authors and I wanted all his books to be together. Of course I haven't read all of these yet but my favourite so far has to be Needful Things. It's a brilliantly thought out story. 
There are plenty more Stephen King books I have to buy but I think I'll be busy enough reading these ones first!

This is my final picture and it's my favourite. The books on the picture above are the most beautiful books I own. All of them (excluding the Edgar Allen Poe one) are leather bound. From left to right they are:
Peter Pan 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Great Expectations 
Fairy Tales from Around the World 
The Brothers Grimm
Sherlock Holmes
Edgar Allan Poe
And the Comeplete Works of William Shakespeare 
I love all of these books and I know I am going to keep them forever. My favourite has to be the Shakespeare book because I love reading it. To this day I still think I must have been one of the only students in my English class to actually love studying Shakespeare.

There you have it, a tour around my bookshelf. I hope you love it as much as I do. 
Thanks for joining me and see you all soon! 

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