Monday, 22 May 2017

Alien Covenant Review

So at the start of the week I went to see the film I've been waiting to see for a long time. Alien Covenant.

When I sat in the cinema waiting for the film to start I couldn't actually sit still in my seat I was that excited.
I'd heard a few other opinions on the film and sadly they hadn't been that positive. However I didnt let that discolour my excitement for the film. And I was right not to, because Ridley Scott didn't let me down.
The film was amazing, obviously.
As you may well know, Alien Covenant was a follow up to Prometheus and both of these films were set before the orginal Alien films.
I expected the film to be alot more horrifying than any other Alien film because I knew that Ridley Scott vowed to make this Alien unlike anything we'd seen before because of the reviews of Prometheus being described as 'not scary enough'. Therefore the Alien variations we saw in this film were truly horrifying. It was awesome.

When hearing and looking at reviews of Alien Covenant I saw/heard the same thing being said over and over. 'There wasn't enough Alien in it for me' which, to be fair to these various people I can see why they would say that. However, I don't agree with them. As I said before the Xenomorph and the newly created Neomorph that were featured in the film were truly scary. The idea of this film was to 'fill in' some gaps in exactly how and where this Alien creation came from. Which is what the prequels Prometheus and Alien Covenant are doing. Therefore there isn't as much Alien featured true, but during Prometheus the Alien wasn't even created and in Covenant it had just been born (with the help of David). Therefore the true Xenomorph Alien didn't appear until around halfway through the film. If the Alien was featured earlier then the film would be lacking in plot if you ask me. These prequel films are taking Alien into more depth and plot line, and we're moving out of the simplicity of an Alien on a ship that needs to be stopped.
The franchise is growing guys, that's a great thing.

There were alot of things I fell in love with about this film, it's difficult to talk about them all because I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing it yet.
I loved the different variations of Alien, I loved seeing the new Neomorph and honestly I thought it was quite terrifying..and awesome.
I loved finding out what happened to the characters in Prometheus and finding out exactly how the catastrophic Xenomorph came into to existence.
I really loved the fact that the gore went through the roof in Covenant. It was definitely the most gory Alien yet! (Not a bad thing!) There were parts of the film that were so horrifying that they actually made my lips curl up and my entire body tense. It sounds like that was Ridley Scott's goal and he really achieved it.

Overall I loved the film so much, I'm a HUGE fan of all things Alien and like I said for a film I've been impatiently awaiting for along time I wasn't disappointed. The film gave me everything I wanted...blood, gore, frights, answers and Alien. What more can a girl want?

If asked whether there was anything I didn't like about the film then the only thing I could muster up would be that (in agreement with some other reviews) a few things in the film were a little predictable, the entire audience could see some parts coming. However when they actually happened, already having guessed they would happen didn't make them any less awesome.

There's my review for the utterly and horrifically amazing Alien Covenant.
Thanks for reading and until next time, don't let the bed bugs bite.



  1. So glad to hear this one didn't disappoint you! I often prefer seeing a movie after reading middling reviews, because then I'm pleasantly surprised if it's good and not disappointed if it isn't.

    I never saw Prometheus because I'm a chicken, but I loved the original Alien!

    Emily |

  2. It's so good! And there's no shame in being a chicken, but you should give prometheus a watch,it's not scary it just has a cool plot line!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Keep going to see regardless! Thank you for posting-