Tuesday, 2 May 2017

HELP! I'm In A Netflix Rut!

Netflix is a wonderful invention as I'm sure you already know. You pay a small amount of money each month and you get so many films and TV series' right at your fingertips. I must admit I was a late Netflix joiner, having only had my account for several months. I started off using it a lot, discovering lots of different series' and films that I'd both wanted to watch and also never heard of. Believe me I don't in the slightest regret setting up my account, and I would honestly miss it if it ever wasn't there anymore. However lately I'm starting to realise I've fallen into a deep, deep rut.
A Netflix rut.
I don't know if all of you know what I mean when I say this so let me elaborate. I switch on my TV and sign into my Netflix account and then I put on the same old thing. Every time.

I love having all those TV shows and films at the press of the button don't get me wrong, and I have a watch list full of films and series' that I've come across and thought 'ooh, I'll watch that at some point'.
However I just can't seem to bring myself to watch anything other than The Big Bang Theory. Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Big Bang Theory but I've watched it so much now that I can pretty much quote it word for word. I think it's time I moved onto something else.
I promise I haven't just been watching Big Bang Theory non-stop for the last few months. I did manage to watch some other stuff.
I've watched a few new films that I liked (one of which included The Maze Runner- a film I thought I wouldn't like!). I've also started to watch a few different series but have given up with them pretty quickly. For me it's so difficult to start a series that already has what feels like 1000 episodes to it. It's kind of overwhelming y'know? The only series I've successfully watched on Netflix is Stranger Things (which I loved!) but since then it's all gone upside down! (Do you see what I did there?)
I don't know where to start, I need help here guys!

So I'm asking you, readers! Please suggest some things for me to watch and help get me out of this Netflix Rut I'm in! I'm open to watching anything that you suggest but I'd rather it wasn't something like Dexter that has like 8 seasons and almost 100 episodes! Start me off slow please, readers!

Thanks for reading, please leave all your suggestions for me in the comments!


  1. Aha I was in such a gossip girl rut for ages! I am currently loving Reign, it's a historical based drama type series!

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  3. Phew I'm glad I'm not the only person stuck! And great I'll take a look at that, any other recommendations? 😘