Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Looking Back: Concert Experiences

So having just booked tickets to see Gorillaz at the O2 London in December I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the other concerts I've been to. I went through a phase where I went to see quite a few bands. So I'll get started shall I?

I went to see Green Day around 4 or 5 years ago and they were amazing! I saw them at the O2 arena in Brixton (scariest part of London I've ever been to!) The venue was ok, but not the best out of all the places I've been to.
The performance was brilliant, Green Day probably sound better live than on CD. Billie Joe gave a great and entertaining performace which included shooting tshirt into the crowd and even pulling a fan or two onto the stage. There was also the huge bonus of Green Day's support act being The Pretty Reckless who were phenomenal as well!
The concert experience was a little nerve wracking since it was the first one I'd been to. We stood near the back which proved to actually be better because I could actually see everything so much better. Plus when everyone wanted to leave at the same time we could get out quickly!
Sadly I don't have any pictures from this concert, they were lost when I got a new phone.

My second concert was to go and see Fall Out Boy (one of my all time favourite bands!) I went to see them at the Wembley Arena. The venue was great after we actually found it! (FYI it's the smaller square building right next to Wembley Stadium) The performance was absolutely brilliant and has to be my favourite band I've ever been play live. I went to see them around the time 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark' had just come out. I can't remember exactly who their support acts were but I do remember the band members running on stage in black balaclavas and performing the first song wearing them.
Despite the performance being unbelievable I have to admit that the concert experience was by far the worst I've had. We stood near the front this time and after paying a considerable amount of money for the ticket and also taking into account I'm 5ft 1...I couldn't see much! The closeness did make for a cool experience but I had to keep moving to be able to see properly. I also found myself feeling quite dizzy towards the end of the show, people were all so close around me that it made me feel unwell and we left just before the last encore song. If I could go back I would definitely want to stand where I could see better, even if it meant not being so close to the stage.

Probably the most recent band I saw in concert. And again, they were phenomenal. This time I went to Wembley Arena again and still loved the venue, it's so spacious and easy to find your way around once you're inside.
The performace was amazing, the bands voices were just as beautiful in real life.
The concert experience was by far the best for me. I had the perfect view in the standing area, because we stood nearer the back so I could see over everyone's heads and have the perfect view of Alex!
There was also no one pushing me or squashing me which was nice and we had plenty of room to dance and rock out!

Overall my favourite band I've ever seen was definitely Fall Out Boy but it was unfortunately the worst concert experience I've had.
The good news is I'm hoping my experience when seeing Gorillaz is going to be amazing because for the first time we have tickets for seating rather than standing! I'm looking forward to experiencing that for a change!
I'll let you know how it all goes!

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