Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Old Tech That I Miss

I was thinking the other day about some of the tech that I used to own when I was younger, and it got me inspired with a blog post. So in this post I'll be rambling about some old tech I had as a kid that I really miss.
It's a trip down memory lane for me, and it might just be for you too, especially if you were a 90's kid.
Ready? And here we go..

Game Boy Advance:
I loved my old Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Thinking about it, it was probably one of the first handheld consoles that was my own. It wasn't handed down to me by my older brother, it was mine. My mum brought me my Game Boy Advance for Christmas along with 3 or 4 games. After that I slowly built up my game collection over the years I had my Game Boy.
My all-time favourite games were Crash Bandicoot, Yoshi's Island and Barbie - Secret Agent. (Don't judge on that last one, it was a cool game!)
It was so long ago that I had my Game Boy that I can't actually remember what happened to it. It may have broken or I might have sold it or handed it onto someone else.
I miss having it though, and I miss playing those old games, it's funny how you never think you're going to miss something old like that. Not with all the new tech that comes out each year.

If you're around the same age as me then you'll probably remember when the craze of Tamagotchi's first hit us. The uprise of the Tamagotchi's happened all at once. I remember seeing them advertised on TV when I was younger and I begged my mum for one and she bought me mine for my birthday. They were so cool! A virtual pet, I mean come on!
My Tamagotchi was yellow with pink and blue flowers on it like the one above, I took it all over the place (I really wanted to take it to school with me but I wasn't allowed). I remember it was so fun waiting for my new pet to hatch and waiting to see what it would look like. I was constantly checking mine to see if it had hatched or not.
We all used to talk about and compare our Tamagotchi's at school, it was a bragging contest really!
They werent hard to look after but you couldn't forget about them or they would die. My mum used to look after mine while I was at school. However I will admit that as much as I loved playing with mine I did forget about it a few times and it might have died a little bit.
I miss having my Tamagotchi, and again I have no idea what happened to it.

Sony Portable CD Player:
Now we're really going back in time. Who remembers having a portable CD player. This was before IPods and Bluetooth speakers were around.
My CD player was silver it came with some headphones but I replaced them with some 'cooler' ones.
I kept a sleeve of CD's in my school bag and I used to take my Portable CD player with me on the bus to and from middle school. I kept it tucked in my bag (it was too big for a pocket!) and I listened to it on the dull bus ride.
After my CD player I did upgrade to a Sony MP3 player, and then once I was older and I got into music a bit more I did end up with an IPod. I must admit I don't miss carrying that bulky thing around.

My Secret Journal:
Now this was really cool. It was basically a notebook inside a plastic casing. You had to make a password with your voice in order to open it. There was also a pen that only showed up with a UV light. It really was cool. I also think if someone else tried to open it without knowing the password the journal would make some sort of sarcastic comment and eventually the alarm would go off.
For someone obsessed with notebooks (and I still am to this day) when I got this for Christmas I was ecstatic.  It was the best thing ever.
I think eventually this gadget did get broken but for the time I had it I loved it.

There we go, there's some old tech that I used to have, I do miss it but when looking back on it I can really see how much technology has come along in the last 15 or so years and it's great to see.

Did any of you own any of this tech? Let me know in the comments!

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