Monday, 29 May 2017

Shopaholic Struggles

I love shopping, and I don't know many girls who don't. I even know a few boys who love it too. Girls start out loving shopping from a young age, even my niece loves a good shop and she's only three! Start 'em young.
I do love to buy things...clothes, shoes, books, cute stuff, nerdy stuff, DVDs etc etc etc. I could continue the list but I think you get the idea.
However as much as it is lovely to go on a (much needed) spending spree, it's such a pain at the same time! There are a lot of things I DON'T love about shopping as well.
There's no way any of you haven't ever experienced a disaster shopping trip, it's enough to put me in a mood for the rest of the day.

So here's a little moan fest for you to sink your teeth into! This is what I hate about shopping:

Being a popular clothes/shoe size:
It's so annoying isn't it? When you find something you love and you really want and you go to get your size but you can't..because every other bloody person is that size too! So there's none of your size left. Arrrgh!
I'm like that with shoes as well, size 5 is apparently a very average and popular size, so there's never any shoes left in my size either!
When something like this happens you only have 2 choices. You either go without that gorgeous top that you love, or you go trapesing to another New Look or H&M in a different town and hope and prey they might have your size! (Probably not knowing my luck!)

Being different clothes sizes for different shops:
I can't even begin to explain how irritating this is! I don't know if you guys are the same but I go into somewhere like New Look and I'm my normal size, however when I go into H&M I have to buy my clothes probably 2 sizes bigger than normal! Then when I go some where else and I try on clothes I have to pick up the same clothes in 2 different sizes because I don't exactly know what size I will be for that certain shop! It's awfully confusing. So buying clothes takes longer because I never know which size to try on in which shop.

Having to carry my own bags:
It's lovely going and buying lots of things but then I have to carry all my bags of clothes and all the other things I've bought. It aches my fingers and my hands! I need to employ a little person to follow me around and carry my bags! (I suppose that's what my boyfriend is for!)

People getting in the way:
I hate it when it's busy, especially when I'm on a time limit for parking! People seem to walk so slowly in front of me, I never seem to be able to get past them either! I tend not to shop on weekends as it's just too busy!

Things that you already bought going on sale:
This is one of the worst things ever. Most clothes and things now days aren't that cheap. So when you fork out quite a sum of money for that nice dress or those cute shoes and then you go back another time and it's in the sale for half the amount then it's seriously upsetting. It almost makes you want to buy it again because it's so cheap!

There you have it, those are the most annoying and irritating things about shopping. As much as I love it, I also really don't love it at the same time.
Do you have anything to add to my compilation? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time X

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