Thursday, 8 June 2017

My Top 5 Fragrances

Every girl loves finding the perfect perfume, and once you find one you like it's difficult to forget about it. Having been bought at least three bottles of perfume for Christmas each year for the last decade of my life it's safe to say that I've fallen in love with a fair few.
It didn't take me long to put this put this list together, but it did take me a while to find these fragrances over time.

Below are my top 5 fragrances of all time, I'm sure you will have heard of a few of them. However if you haven't then I suggest you try them out!

1) Daisy - Marc Jacobs
Now I love love love any Marc Jacobs fragrance, but Daisy has to be my favourite.
This perfume is so girly and light, I can't stand fragrances that are so strong and heavy that they give you a headache just wearing them. Daisy also, while being light and lovely, sticks around for a good while as well. If I put it on in the morning before work, then I can still smell it by lunchtime. Another thing that sucks is when you have to spend a fair amount of money on a perfume only to have to spritz yourself with it every hour.
Also I have to say that what draws me to all the Marc Jacobs fragrances is the beautiful bottles. The Daisy one is the cutest because the lid is made up of pretty little flowers. Marc really does know how to draw us girls in.

2) Rihanna - Reb'l
This is also one of my favourites, I don't think it's a particularly famous fragrance but it really is great. I think I first got it when my mum bought is for me for Christmas one year. My mum is notorious for not smelling perfumes before buying them, she just goes on how pretty the bottle is. I remember opening the perfume and thinking to myself
'Hmm...I bet it doesn't smell that nice'
How wrong I was.
Since first being bought Rihanna Reb'l I've gone back and bought it again...and again. It's got a very spicy and powerful smell, yet it isn't so strong it makes your head throb.
Again this perfume is powerful and sticks around all day, sometimes as I'm leaving work i can't still smell it on my wrist and on my clothes.
This fragrance is also available in two other variations. A Reb'l Red, Black and Nude. I've only tried the Red and the Black and the Black is overall my favourite.

 3) Amor Amor - Cacharel
This is by far the cheapest perfume on this list. Which just goes to show its not just about the label or the price. I don't think this perfume is particularly well known. I only found out about it this perfume through my sister in law. It's one of her favourites too. I complimented her on it and then found it in a Christmas hamper that year. (Like I said, everyone buys me perfume for Christmas!) I've also purchased this perfume for myself a few times since then. It's smell is much less dainty, especially compared to Daisy. However it's still lovely and if you haven't heard of it then go out and buy it so you can try it for yourself. It's especially good if you want a nice new perfume but your bank account says 'nope'.

4) Alien - Thierry Mugler
I don't even know where to start with this one. It's called Alien guys, come on that is awesome straight off the bat! It's got quite a cool looking bottle, which actually strangely matches it's name. And then there's the fact that it just smells amazing. I can tell the smell of Alien when someone is wearing it I love it that much.
It's got a strong smell and I don't think you need to spray much of it on yourself. However just one or two pumps can leave you smelling wonderful for most of the day.

5) Honey - Marc Jacobs
Of course Marc has to be in here more than once! Any and all of his fragrances are amazing. Like I said my favourite is Daisy but lately I've also discovered the sweet little thing that is Honey. It really does suit it's name because it's so sweet and so light. I wouldn't say it sticks around quite as long as other perfumes but it's still lovely.
Also, I, just saying, it has the cutest bottle ever! It has little bees on it!

There you have it, my top 5 perfumes. I've been through so many different perfumes and it's so nice to now have a set list of all my favourites. I couldn't pick one of these that I love the best I'm afraid. They're all just too good. I suppose I'll just have to have 5 perfumes on the go at once!

Do you have any of these perfumes? Let me know.

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