Sunday, 4 June 2017

My Top 5 Travel Destinations

Everyone has certain places they have always wanted to visit, whether it's in the UK or out of it. There's always those places that when you hear someone else is going there it makes you say 'I've always wanted to go there!'
I haven't been to many different places, especially not abroad but I've always been in love with the idea of seeing lots or different countries. It scares me but it's exciting at the same time, you know what I mean?
So below is my top 5 travel destinations. These are the 5 places I've always wanted to visit!

I've wanted to visit Italy for a long, long time. Since I was younger I think. It just looks like the most beautiful country. Going to Italy, for me, would be a dream come true.
However I wouldn't go to Italy for your typical 'holiday' type trip. I don't want to be lazing on a beach for a week. I want to be sight seeing and visiting the beautiful places there.
Another thing I've always dreamt of is going to a masquerade ball! I want to dress up in a big ball gown, put on a mask and dance the night away!
Plus Italian food is one of my favourites so I already know I'll enjoy the local cuisine. As long as there's pasta involved I'm happy!

This is a strange choice for me. I'm strongly against drug misuse so I usually get asked 'so why do you want to go there then?'
Well it's a beautiful place! I'd love to see all the cute little streets, the wonderful people and of course the Ann Frank museum. I'm not going to lie I would also love to be able to say that I've seen the Red Light District!

I NEED to visit New York at Christmas time! The boutiques, the Christmas lights and the... well the Christmassyness! I know if I went to New York I would be a complete tourist. Taking pictures every 5 seconds. I want to see Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park and everything else in between!
Going to New York would make the most magical Christmas for me.

Specifically Crete! I'm super interested in Greek Mythology. I loved learning about it at school and I still love learning about it now.
I'd love to go to Greece and enjoy the wonderful food, beautiful scenery and learn more about the amazing mythology! Seeing all the ruins would be so cool! I'd also love to get some well earned beach time in here too!

I've wanted to go to Ireland since I was much younger. It's the most beautiful countryside place I've ever seen.
My dream holiday is renting a little cottage for a week, going on cute walks in the daytime, sitting my the fire in the evening. Being down the road from a local Irish pub and a little bakery.
Maybe that sounds like a boring holiday to some people, but as a writer it sounds perfect to me!

Has anyone else been to any of these destinations? Or which places are in your top 5? Let me know in the comments!

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