Thursday, 29 June 2017

The 5 Worst Games I've Ever Played *Guest Post*

5) Destiny


When I was given this game for Christmas I was excited to get it installed on my Xbox One and start playing it. My mind set was "Oh hey, I've heard of this game before, it must be good!" But boy was I wrong. Destiny is just a repetitive MMO where you are constantly moving from place to place shooting stuff. That is literally the whole game described in just a few sentences. The prologue to the game gives a little bit of hope and excitement,but that is as far as the fun goes for me.

4) Minecraft: Story Mode


Now, I've been a huge fan of Minecraft ever since I began playing it on PC many many years ago. When a new version called Story Mode was announced I was pretty stoked. I expected some well thought out maps and quests, much like the community adventure maps seen on the original PC version. Imagine my general pissed-offness when I found out that the game was just a small point and click 90s adventure game with a Minecraft skin slapped on top of it.

3) Goat Simulator


This game became a sort of world wide cult phenomenon when it was released in 2014 and I admit, the game is fun...for the first 5 minutes. I mean, small glitches in a game can be amusing from time to time but when the whole game has constant glitches and relies on them to be entertaining then it isn't a work of perfection, it's just a badly made game.

2) Zoo-cube


I had this game on my Nintendo GameCube (the best console ever made) when I was a kid. I was always a big fan of top-down strategy games like Zoo Tycoon and Theme Park World so I was already excited for this game just by hearing the title. It sucks. It is literally just a knock-off Tetris/Bubble Shooter hybrid with a slightly different way of playing. The game itself tries to have a story to it but it seriously fails in this respect.

1) Brink


Finally we've arrived at the worst game I have ever played. I have previously dedicated an entire post to a rant about the game in my early days of blogging over at The JK Vision. A quick summery of this game would be: No story, hard to follow and coupled with the inability to just a decent height. All this from games developer Bethesda. Bethesda! The same company that brought you the hit game Skyrim. Let's Just forget this game ever happened.

Let me know the worst game you've ever played in the comments below!

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