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YouTube Channel Review: Adam Cooks Everything

So I was asked to review a youtube channel and you've probably already guessed by the title im reviewing the cooking sensation and saviour Adam Cooks Everything!
I've spent the last week or so studying this youtube channel and making notes on everything that I can say (good and bad) about it.
Now I've done reviews before (as you will know If youre not a first time visitor to my blog) however this is the first time I've actually been asked to review something. Therefore this blog post has taken me a while to write, because I wanted it to be as detailed and as professional as possible.

That's the boring part over...Let's get reviewing!

On first look...

When first looking at the youtube channel I pretty much only knew that it was called Adam Cooks Everything.  I knew a little about Adam and his life which I'll fill you in about later.
The first thing I noticed about the channel was that it has plenty of videos already posted. Therefore it was nice to have a little peruse through alot of videos, then I could get a good idea of what Adam is all about.
I also noticed that his post titles aren't too long, it can be so offputting having to read a complexely worded title, sometimes it can even put people off reading or watching completely.
I scrolled through the choice of vidoes reading over the titles first, me being a bit of a spelling freak I also checked for any spelling mistakes, obviously I found none.
Eventually after getting a feel for what videos were available I picked one at random.
The first video I watched was one showing me how to make New York cheesecake. This video gave me a perfect insight to the channel. I chose this video because, not going to lie, the cheesecake looked so good! Also what enticed me was that this cheesecake was gluten free! Now neither myself nor any of my family are gluten free but I work in a restaurant and the amount of gluten intolerant people I see each service seems to be growing, therefore I'm quite interested in how to make certain yummy dishes gluten free. I may even pass some of these recipes onto the chefs at work!

Looking closer...

After watching a few more of the videos and learning a little more about Adam I started to really enjoy watching him cook! He has a way of giving you instructions in an easy and entertaining way. His videos are well edited and he seems very comfortable in front of the camera. He cooks right there in his own kitchen, he tells you where he gets all of his ingredients from so you can go get it yourself.
One of the things I love about Adam Cooks Everything is that his passion for cooking oozes and bubbles through into his videos. It's great to see someone so passionate doing what they love.

Adam is an extremely passionate cook and as I said I could tell that from the first video I watched. Going on what I know about him he seems like a busy person! Adam has a wife and 3 kids so working is something he needs to do, as well as a day job he also posts regularly on his you tube channel. It's an inspiration if you ask me, to see someone with all those things that can keep them busy, but they're still managing to do what they love. A few of Adam's videos even include some input from his family which is lovely to see.

One of Adam's children is gluten intolerant which I think is the reason for all his videos that are aimed at gluten free people. It shows anyone that is gluten intolerant that they can still eat yummy food, like I said the New York cheesecake really did look good. I noticed that during the video for the cheesecake Adam made a slight mistake, when his cheesecake came out of the oven it had a crack across the middle of it. He has already warned us this might happen. And I must say that when I saw that it did I was pleased. Not because I wanted to see him make a mistake. I was glad because it shows that all cooking isn't perfect. Even if you're as passionate and clever as Adam there are still ways cooking can turn out less than perfect. After this happened on the video Adam didn't edit it out later on, he kept it in there and told us what we could do to avoid this happening. Plus the cheesecake still looked delicious even with the crack!
If you love the sound of this check it out here.

Other content...

Adam also includes plenty of other things in his videos, as I mentioned before there are lots of videos to watch. I noticed a few videos on making food 'low fat' and still tasty. Which was nice to see because some recipes that claim to be low fat aren't actually that low fat and some of them taste...well no where near as good as Adam's looked.
Some of the videos are also aimed at people who are very new to cooking. There was even one video on how to fry the perfect egg. Now you're probably thinking 'come on, who can't fry an egg!?' But I can't count how many times I've got my fried egg stuck to the bottom of my saucepan or how many times I've flipped my egg and its burst leaking yellow fluid all into my pan and frankly ruining my entire egg. It's good to see that Adam isn't just showing off what he can cook, but he's teaching people how to cook starting with the basics.
He also plays around with some exotic food as well, some videos show us how to cook Hawaiian food and there's even one video teaching us how to make homemade sushi rolls. That's personally not my thing but I can imagine a lot of people would love to make their own sushi. I know my boyfriend would!
Also to top it off Adam has a new series of videos he's recently started. It's called 'how to eat...' And it's mostly about Adam trying out new and odd foods on his family members. The first video he posted for this series was a video about cakes that apparently contained meat! If you're as intrigued as I was about this then check out the video here.
There's a new video going up each week for this new series so be sure to subscribe to his channel to catch them all!

To sum up...

The Adam Cooks Everything channel is brilliant! It's aimed at all types of people! People looking to push the culinary boat out, people who are new to cooking, people trying to lost weight, people who have food allergies. It's a very handy and very fun way of cooking! I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what your chef status is. I guarantee you'll be laughing with him as well as cooking along with him.
Check out Adam Cooks Everything channel for great recipes and a way of making cooking fun and easy! Check him out on youtube and let me know what you thought!
Adam really does cook everything! He has a wife, 3 kids and a day job! If he can find the time to cook so can you!

Website: http://adamcookseverything.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdamHeardCooks
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adamcookseverything/

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