Monday, 3 July 2017

Cheap Date Ideas

Everyone wants to go out and have fun when they're not at school/uni or working. Especially now that summer is well and truly getting started. However it can end up costing a pretty penny. As much as date night is a lovely thing to do with your spouse it's not cheap most of the time.
You want to keep having adventures with your significant other, if you don't then it's easy to end up sitting under a blanket and spending time together staring at your laptops. It's a proper dilemma isn't it. How can you still go out frequently together without breaking the bank?
I racked my brain, and believe me it took me a while to think of these, but with the help of my trusty Pinterest app I've devised for you a list of date ideas that don't cost too much money at all.
I'm not saying that all the date ideas below are completely cost free, some of them require a little money, some require none at all and a few of them only require one of you to drive.
Anyway I hope these are helpful to you!

  • Go to a nice park or river and have a picnic 
  • Set up a tent in your garden and sleep by the stars
  • Go picture taking around your city 
  • Go to a local park and play some sport 
  • Play board games 
  • Go walking 
  • Watch a football game at a local pub 
  • Go wine tasting 
  • Watch massage videos on YouTube and test it out on each other 
  • Go berry picking and bake with what you find 
  • Have a home spa night with wine, face masks and manicures
  • Make a bucket list together 
  • Attend a quiz night 
  • Attend a concert or local open mic night 
  • Go to a free museum 
  • Set up your table like a restaurant and cook something new together 
  • Pick a random movie and watch it together 
  • Have a pool competition 
  • Play mini golf 
  • Fly a kite 
  • Feed the ducks 
  • Play cards 
  • Water balloon fight 
  • Paint, draw or make art together 
  • Go to the beach just to walk by the sea 
  • Start a new series on Netflix, get popcorn and dim the lights 
  • Have a themed night.  Eg. American movie with hotdogs and twinkies 
  • Go to a library or used book shop, get a book and read it together 
  • Build a fort and snuggle up in it with a film 
  • Make a time capsule 
  • Drive to get ice cream, or make it yourself!
  • Build a fire and toast marshmallows 
  • Go look around an animal shelter 
  • Bike ride 
  • Have a bonfire with warm soup and sparklers 
  • Climb somewhere high and look down at the view together 
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise together 
  • Write a book of your love story 
  • Make a scrap book or photo collage together 
  • Make your own afternoon tea date 
  • Make a playlist together

I hope these ideas help you to still have a cute and fun summer with your loved one! Even cost free dates are enjoyable! Below I've included a picture of my boyfriend and I going on a cute and cost free walk in the woods! 
Hope these ideas help you too!