Monday, 17 July 2017

My Favourite Summer Drinks

I think it's safe to say summer is pretty much here, so I thought I'd give you a few summery posts to kickstart the summer feeling. So this post is all about my favourite drinks to make during the summer.


Pimms is such a super summery drink. It's refreshing to drink while you're chilling out in the garden sunbathing. Despite it being alcoholic it's not high on the scale of alcoholic beverages so you can drink it leisurely without worrying about getting too drunk. You can enjoy a jug (or two) of Pimms without feeling too guilty.
Get yourself a big pitcher or jug and pop a few shots of Pimms inside. Four 50ml measures is normally about right. Plonk in some ice and fill the rest of the jug up with lemonade.
Fresh fruit is a perfect partner for Pimms. Lemon, lime, strawberries and orange slices are the usual a fruity additions to a jug of Pimms, however I recently popped in some pineapple slices and it went down perfectly! Also don't forget the mint!

DIY Flavoured Water

I love filling up old water bottles and chopping some fresh fruit to put inside them. I then leave them in the fridge overnight so they're nice and cold for when I want them in the next few days. Leaving the fruit to 'marinate' overnight in the water actually flavours it. Then that way I'm drinking more water (which isn't something I'm good at!) and enjoying it at the same time.
My favourite thing to put in my water is probably orange! It gives the water a lovely flavour, it's like drinking very weak orange juice.
However I've also found that pineapple, lemon, lime, blueberries and strawberries taste super good as well!

Creamy Milkshakes

This one isn't as healthy as the last I'm afraid but they taste so good! These dessert drinks are super easy to make and really do taste as good as the ones you buy in the cute little cafes. My favourite one to make is Oreo! It's literally vanilla ice cream, a little milk (depending on how thick you want it!) and a bunch of Oreos!
You can make these delicious milkshakes with anything! Any flavour you like. Also if you want to be a little more healthy then you can substitute the milk for orange juice or apple juice, the Oreos you can switch for any fruit you like and the ice cream can be traded for simple crushed ice.
This sort of drink is perfect for hot sunny days especially when you have a hankering for something sweet!

Pina Colada

Come on you knew there would be at least one cocktail on this list! I'm only using pina colada as an example here because it's my favourite one, however any cocktail is great for an alcoholic summertime treat.
Learning how to make cocktails is so easy! You can find recipes on Pinterest or pretty much anywhere on the Internet, you can also buy cocktail recipe books for if you want an easier way of finding ideas.
You don't have to follow the recipes completely, you can change them as and where you like. However I have to say that drinking Malibu and pineapple juice is not NOT the same as drinking a pina colada.
The most well known recipe for a pina colada is white rum, coconut cream or milk, pineapple juice and blended or crushed ice. You can also add in a shot of vodka depending on how drunk you want to get!

I hope some of these super sweet summer drink ideas inspire you to make them yourself! Remember you can chop and change them if you need to!
Let me know in the comments how you get on!

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