Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Anabelle Creation Film Review

I watched this film last night and I thought I would review it purely because I haven't done a nice film review for a while.
I was lightly persuaded to see this film by my other half. It wasn't at the top of my 'must see' film list (The remake of Stephen King's IT is at the top if you must know) but I saw it anyway.

I went to see this film with pretty low expectations, espeically since although I haven't seen the first one I did hear all about how terrible it was. Therefore I wasn't expecting much.
After the film I was asked by my other half whether I liked it or not. The only way I could answer that question was 'I'm not disappointed that I saw it.'

Let me explain...

As you probably already know this film was a prequel to the first Anabelle rather than a sequel. So initially my concern was whether I was actually going to understand any of the film having not seen the first one. My first comment of praise has to be that yes, I could understand the film and anyone could go see it without having seen the original Anabelle or any of the Conjuring films. Which is nice because it can be very disheartening seeing a film you really want to see advertised but then finding out that there's 2 or 3 other films you have to see before you can watch the new one.

The film fell down a few of the usual horror rabbit holes. Meaning it was more focused on making the audience jump than actually giving them a fantastic plot line to follow.  You get a little slice of backstory at the beginning of the film and then are left wondering why all this is happening until the climax of the film.  Perhaps feeding us a little more plot during the middle bulky part of the film would have been better.

The film has the scare factor we all go looking for in a horror (not going to lie I turned my face away once or twice!). However it's easy for the 'jumpy parts' to become a little too predictable espeically when they seem to come right after one another. The scary elements of the film seemed to be strung together rather than strategically placed. However the actual horror creations in the film were very cool. My particular favourite had to be the very tall and black demonic...thing. It was nice to see some imagination rather than just a black mass possessing lots of people.

Although I mentioned the lack of backstory timing earlier, when you do eventually get the back story you're waiting for it's not disappointing at all. However I found the ending of Anabelle Creation a huge disappointment. It lacked in wow factor for me and left me sitting watching the credits with a sour taste in my mouth. After sitting through nearly 2 hours of creepy dolls and demonic weirdos this is the ending you give me?! Maybe I'd appreciate it a bit more if I'd have seen the original but still it wasn't great.
Before I sum up though I do have to give a little praise to the music in the film. It was intense, it was creepy, it was dramatic, it was well timed and it fit perfectly with what and how the film was wanting you to feel. I actually think the music scared me more than anything else.

Overall the film ticked all the boxes of a typical horror:

-Makes you jump? CHECK!
-Has little or no plot? CHECK!
-Scary monsters? DOUBLE CHECK!
-Lots of scary scenes holding it together hoping you won't notice that its not that good? CHECK!

Don't get me wrong it was enjoyable but it just didn't wow me. I didn't leave the cinema thinking what a great film it was. I appreciated the good elements and that was all, but like I said I wasn't disappointed that I saw it.
Having grown up watching old style horrors I know I'm a difficult person to impress when it comes to this genre.
Go see it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments!



  1. This is honestly probably the only way I'll know what is going on in Annabelle lol I wish I could watch scary movies but I just can't. haha

  2. I was the same really! Hadn't seen the original annabelle so at first was bit unsure if I'd understand but was surprised, the flm definitely freaked me out ��

    1. Very freaky! I like when you don't HAVE to have warched the first one tbh 🤗

  3. I saw this advertised and thought wow I wish I was brave enough to go and see it. I'm such a wimp though haha. Great review! Xxxxx