Thursday, 24 August 2017

How to go about making a big decision

Life is full of decisions, and some of them are BIG! I'm almost 21 and I've already had to had to make a few big decisions of my own.
One decision that I made today was deciding that it's been quite a while since I wrote an advice post. What with it being results month as well I thought it might be nice to do a post about decision making.
There are so many things in life that you have to make decisions about. Whether you're fresh and just beginning to leave your mark on the world, or whether you've made a few wrong decisions already. I'm going to try not to preach in this post, because I'm sure you've already heard the words 'choose the right thing or you'll regret it'. So I'm just going to talk about what I would do when and if I had a big decision to make.

So, here's some advice on making big decisions.

1) Don't rush into it
Big decisions can impact your entire life and rushing into making one is definitely not the right way to go about it. There are many reasons why you might feel the need to rush into making a decision. Maybe because you want to get it over with and you don't want to worry about it anymore. Or maybe because you are sick of people trying to lecture you about it or give you advice. No matter what it is, don't let it push and pressure you into making a quick decision that you might regret. If friends are family aren't helping you then tell them! That doesn't mean shout at them and cause an argument, it just means tell them that they aren't helping you and if they do want to help then to allow you to make the decision on your own.

2) Take some time alone to think
Go for a walk, lie down in the quiet for a while, make a pro's and con's list. Do anything you can to straighten the thoughts out in your mind. I find that writing down my options and then stepping back and taking a look can sometimes really help me. Anything that's on my mind always feels easier after I've written it down. Also going for a walk can help you to feel better about something. It can also clear your mind and help you suddenly see something you may have missed before.

3) Talk to someone else
Go to friends, family, role models, teachers, anyone who will listen really. Ask people what they think you should do. It doesn't mean you have to listen to them, but its helpful to hear what their views are. A good idea would be to ask someone who has already been and done what you're about to do. See what their advice is. They may have made a mistake that you can avoid.
Another idea would be to post questions on social media sites. Twitter is a great one, especially since you can now hold your own polls that people can vote on. So you can post your question and then give people options to vote for what they think. It's actually the best way to get an answer from people because I always love to vote on people's polls. Especially if its something I can actually help with.

4) Research
You may think this is an obvious one but its really easy to forget. We have all the advice and answers we need right at our fingertips. Make sure you research into exactly what each of your options entail and what the next step is towards them. Make sure you've found out all the information possible, even about the options you aren't considering. There may be something you hadn't thought about before.

I hope reading this post has helped you to learn a little more about how to go about making decisions, whether they are big or small. I hope this advice helps with any decisions you will need to make in the future. Whether its about university, moving into your first house, a job opportunity or anything else that may come your way.

Let me know what you think of this advice? Is it helpful? Tell me in the comments.

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