Sunday, 3 September 2017

Autumn Goals

The seasons are about to change and I thought I'd make myself some goals for things I'd like to start doing during the autumn months. I'm not sure why I decided to post them on here, but perhaps having them on here will make me stick to them better. I have no idea!
Before I start I just have to say how excited I am for autumn and winter to get here. I'm not much of a summer girl, (aside from the odd beach trip) I don't really enjoy it much. So I'm waiting patiently for the cold weather to come so I can snuggle under my mermaid blanket with a book and a hot chocolate.

Anyway here are my autumn goals:

1) Go on more walks - I'm not always an outside kind of girl but I do enjoy being outside espeically on cold mornings when I can wrap myself up in a scarf and hat and walk through the crunching leaves. I'm sure my little dog would appreciate it too!

2) Use my camera more - As you've seen in my older blog posts I have a lovely Nikon D40x that I whip out whenever I can and take as many pictures as I can. However I don't think I've got as much use out of it as I could have. From now on I need to take my camera out at any opportunity that I possibly can! I think I also need to find more places that are better for taking great pictures since I tend to go to the same old places all the time. So if any of you know of any places local to me (Suffolk, England) that are great for taking pictures then please let me know!
In the meantime I'll try my best to get out and about taking more pictures.

3) Get more active - Ive always struggled to get into exercising regularly. I've tried the gym but it takes up too much time. I've tried exercise DVD's but I don't have the house space for it. It's really not that easy. So I'm going to try to get myself into a bit more exercise. I'm buying myself a FitBit for my birthday so perhaps that will help me to get moving a bit more.

4) Sort out my Christmas present list - I know it seems early to even speak about it but when you have a family full of people who are difficult to buy presents for then you have to be prepared. This year I'm going to make a list of everyone's names and all the possible presents I can get them. Perhaps it's time to buy a new list pad and some pretty pens!

I think that's enough goals to be getting on with! Wish me luck!
Have you set yourself any goals? Or do you have any advice for me with mine? Let me know in the comments.

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