Tuesday, 12 September 2017

IT Film Review

I've been waiting to see this film for quite a while now. There's even a review of the first trailer in my earlier blog posts and if you wanted to check that out it's here.
Now here's my review of the actual film, watch out for the (occasional) spoilers.
I went to see the film on opening night, which isn't something I normally do since I'm either working or its far too busy for my liking. However I made an exception for this film since I'd waited for so long to see it.

Firstly I must give a bit of praise for the cinema I watched the film in. The showing I went to was in Xplus, which is very similar to IMAX. So I was watching IT with better picture quality, surround sound and a curved screen. The experience was brilliant especially the surround sound, each time Pennywise laughed I felt like he was right next to me. I would definitely recommend seeing a film (especially a horror film) in either Xplus or IMAX.

I went into the film with high expectations which is a risky thing to do, however I wasn't disappointed. The film had me hooked from the start. However I was shocked at the amount of gore and horror that was in the film (especially compared to the original) I had already heard that Stephen King himself had said that he wasn't prepared for how gory the film actually was. I remember the original having a few bloody and twisted parts but I wasn't expecting poor little Georgie to get his hand bitten off within the first 10 minutes! (Sorry! That's the only spoiler.)

As for the horror side of the film, it was intense! I don't know if you agree but horror films are very rarely scary on their own. They rely on music to build suspense and make people jump. However I thought the music in this film was pretty poor. Yet the film still managed to creep the crap out of me and make the whole cinema jump. The film didn't rely on musical timing at all, it was scary enough on its own. I found this quite impressive considering people are extremely hard to please when it comes to horror films.

I suppose it's time now for some praise to Bill Skarsgård for his performance as Pennywise the dancing clown. I can't go as far as saying he was better than Tim Curry's but he did a bloody good job if you ask me. His voice was scary, his look was fantastic and don't even get me started on his teeth! I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed when I saw who would be playing Pennywise but I was proven wrong. It's not an easy feat playing a character from a book, especially when that character had already been brought to life once before. As I said Skarsgård was phenomenal and he deserves a good round of applause.

The other characters were fantastic as well, my particular favourite has to be 'Richie' who was played by Finn Wolfhard, who we all already know from Stranger Things (if you haven't seen that yet then get off my blog and go watch it!) I also loved Beverley Marsh who was played by Sophia Lillis. Her portrayel of Beverley was much better than in the original film. I found Beverley's character very annoying beforehand. Overall I think that each actor was chosen very well for their part and did a great job playing their characters.

I think the new film more or less stuck to the ogrianl story and it even went into more depth than the original, I thought this would be the case considering throughout the entire film the Losers are young, meaning that they come back for a sequel for the ultimate showdown against IT. I heard a few moans when the film ended and the words 'Chapter One' flashed onto the screen,  however I already knew this was the case considering in each trailer that was released for the film the Losers were only young, never older. Therefore that already constitutes a sequel.

Overall the film was a huge sucess for me, with great casting, acting and a good bit of gore it ticked all the boxes. I've seen and heard some mixed reviews, but as I always say you can't know until you see it for yourself.  Don't be scared, Pennywise doesn't bite...much.


Let me know what you thought of the film in the comments below. And remember once you've seen it, you'll float too.

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