Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Shopping Haul

I've never done a shopping haul blog post but I thought I'd give it a go especially since I bought some lovely items while I was shopping today.

As you can see I took a little visit to the body shop, I wasn't actually planning on getting anything but once I was in there it was hard to resist. The smells of The Body Shop make me want to buy everything in there! Trouble is I don't have enough skin and hands of use all of the products on! After looking around and testing a few things I finally made up my mind...
In the end I bought a Vanilla Pumpkin body butter, a Vanilla Pumpkin shimmer mist and a Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream.
I'm an autumn/winter girl so when I heard that The Body Shop had an autumn range out I was beyond excited. I went in to see what all the fuss was about and they really do smell amazing!

The shimmer mist is so lovely, the smell is subtle and it leaves a shiny glimmering coating on your skin afterwards.
I got all these items for £20 since there was a deal on for cetain skin care products. I also had already set up a rewards card with The Body Shop so I had earned enough points to get £5 off as well. If you ever get offered one then take it!

I had a wonder down to a shop near me called Sunrise, they sell lots of different bits and bobs. I've picked up a few other pairs of these types of earrings but I couldn't resist when I saw these Silver little turtles for only £9.50. If you ever see a shop called Sunrise then take a little look because I'm sure there will be something you fall in love with in there.

Finally I went into Debenhams- not even to look for something for myself! But I spotted this gorgeous perfume in the sale for £20 down from £45 and had to pick it up! It's got the sweetest and fruitiest smell and the bottle is quite cute too.

Perhaps not the biggest haul but I'm so pleased with all the items and cant wait to get using all of my new products!

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