Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Would You Go Back To Being A Kid?

How many times have you been asked that question? How many people have you heard say that they would love to go back to being a kid once again?
It's a question that's asked a lot. I can see why people say it as well, it's easy to see kids playing carelessly in the park and think 'I'd love to stop being an adult and go back to those days'. It's easy to be envious of children, especially when all they have to worry about is remembering to tell their parents when they need to 'go pee-pee'.
However with that said, my answer to the question in this blog post title is no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't enjoy being a kid again. Not because I didn't have a good childhood, I did. It was the best in fact, I was a very lucky little lady. But that doesn't mean I'd want to go through it all again.
Let me create a scenario here...this is what goes through my head each time I'm asked this question.

Imagine this...

You wake up in your bed. You stretch out letting go of the sleep you just had. Your bed feels HUGE! You sit up and peer around your bedroom, at least what you thought was your bedroom. All your things are gone, and have been replaced with other things. Your makeup collection is replaced with Lego. Your perfume switched with messy haired Barbie dolls. The photos of you and your friends at various nightclubs half cut have been replaced with terribly drawn pictures.

Where are you?

You get out of bed and your silky red pjs your boyfriend bought you have been replaced with bright pink fleece pjs with ponies on them.

What the hell is happening?

You wander downstairs, you're still in your house but it all looks different. The picture of you with your teachers when you left school isn't hanging on the was anymore, and your car isn't parked on the driveway. You head towards the kitchen, hungry.
Maybe you fancy making pancakes for breakfast. You go into the kitchen with an empty stomach, craving food. Then out walks your mum, but why does she look so tall? She's literally towering over you.
She gives you a disapproving look and steers you back into the dining room. 'Breakfast is coming' she says. Then she does something really strange, she picks you up under the arms and lifts you onto the chair.

Why did she do that?

You wait at the table feeling sick with confusion. You can't smell any pancakes, and you are gasping for a coffee.
Finally your mum comes through carrying a bowl. A pink plastic bowl. She places it in front of you and you look at it with unfathomable disappointment. It looks like Weetabix, but it's all sloppy and mushed up.

What the hell?

'Eat your breakfast' she says cheerily. 'Or you'll be late for nursery'


You eat the bowl of slop, each mouthful is a wet paste coating your tongue. You go upstairs to get dressed. Your mum follows you. You struggle to open the big wardrobe door, your mum scoops you up and sits you on your massive bed. She rifles through the wardrobe and picks you out a pink frilly dress.

Where did that come from?

Your mum literally helps you into your clothes, she brushes your hair, and holds your feet to put your socks on. Frilly ones, to match the dress.
She puts toothpaste on your toothbrush for you, then hands it to you with a stern look. You brush, she watches closely. You stop, she scolds you for brushing them too quickly.
She puts your shoes and coat on. You look down and you're wearing bright pink Doodles and an even brighter blue raincoat.

These aren't your clothes.

Your mum coaxes you out the front door, locking it behind her.
She loads you into her car, your sitting in the back, even though the front seat is empty. Your sitting high up in a weird seat. A child's car seat.


She starts the car, you notice a pink lunchbox and backpack on the seat next to you. You look at your mum, she's driving now, glancing at you every now and then.
She moves the mirror slightly and you catch your reflection. You don't look like you, well, you do but not the twenty year old you that you were when you went to sleep last night. You look like yourself in that picture your mum kept on the window sill at home. The picture of your first day at pre-school, standing outside the school with your teacher wearing a pink frilly dress and a bright blue raincoat.

Oh my god.

Then it dawns on you. You've woken up as your toddler self. It's like the film Big, but in reverse.

What is happening?

You don't understand, why do you remember being older yesterday? What if you never go back to being older again?

You think about everything you'll have to go through again...new schools, making friends, SAT's, first boyfriends, lessons, exams, a-levels, first job, driving lessons...learning everything all over again.

Suddenly you feel like you're going to throw up. The car stops and you've reached your destination. The sickening feeling grows.
You're at the pre-school. Your mum walks you in, the teacher looks so big and scary. Your mum holds your hand and opens the door.
The teacher calls you over, she introduces herself and talks to you like you're a child. You guess you are a child now.

'Leave her with me, she'll be fine' the teacher says smiling, you hate her already. She takes your hand and pulls you from your mum. She takes you into the room full of other screaming snotty nosed children...

How awful does that sound? Imagine wishing you were a kid again and waking up a kid but remembering everything you've already done as an adult. Nope. Not for me.
I'll stick with being an adult, even if it's annoying having to worry about things sometimes.

What do you think? Would you go back to being a kid again? Or do you feel the same as me? Let me know.

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