Sunday, 10 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 10: Best Christmas Food

Who's started buying their Christmas food? Or have you started eating it? If there's something everyone does at Christmas it's buy and eat too much food. We can't help it, and it's all too yummy!
So in this blog post I've compiled a small list of my favourite food to have at Christmas time. Believe me there's plenty of other foods that could have been on this list, but I didn't think you'd want to read three whole pages of me talking about food. That's enough to make anyone hungry.

Homemade Sausage rolls

I don't know about anyone else but I always find myself associating Christmas with warm short crust pastry sausage rolls. Made lovingly by my mum, who makes the best sausage rolls I've ever tasted. I always remember having sausage rolls near Christmas when I was younger so I can't have a Christmas without them.
I'm not a puff pastry fan so I always whine if the sausage rolls aren't short crust pastry and I have to smother mine in brown sauce in order to get the best taste.


I know, I know they're called 'Treeselets' but I was around when they were known as Cheeselets and they will never be anything else to me. I don't know about you but whenever I see Cheeselets on the shelves in the supermarket I know that Christmas is well and truly here. Were not allowed to eat any of the Christmas food in our house yet, but I know that when we are I'll be heading for these first!


I don't care what anyone else says, stuffing is the best part of Christmas dinner. In fact I'd even go as far to say I'd swap my pigs in blankets for an extra helping of stuffing. It's strange that a lot of people don't actually like stuffing. Perhaps it's just not everyone's cup of tea, but for me, its a Christmas must have.


During the main Christmas period, in my household we tend to stock up on plenty of different cheeses, crackers, meats and chutneys. Ready to make the ultimate cheeseboard. My favourite thing is going to choose the best cheeses to have each Christmas. Some of my faves would have to be Stilton, Brie, Wendsleydale with cranberries and Castello.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my favourite Xmas foods, hope it didn't make you too hungry.
What are some of your traditional foods that you can't go without?

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