Monday, 11 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 11: Best Christmas Desserts

So day 10 was Xmas food, and day 11 is Xmas desserts! You didn't think I'd forget the best part did you? Christmas as I said is when we all eat too much food but don't tend to worry about it until January. Which means that everyday is a dessert kind of day.
So this post is all about my favourite Christmas desserts. Ready?

Fruit Flan with Cream 

This is my Christmas day dessert choice for definite! For anyone who isn't sure what I'm talking about Flan is a sweet dessert that's mostly known to be a pastry filled with sweet caramel custard. However this is fruit flan which is different. Fruit flan is mostly made with a sponge/cake base, it's then filled with all your favourite fruits (anything from tinned fruit to strawberries and blueberries.) its then smothered in a runny sweet jelly that hardens around the fruit. If you're not already sold then when you serve it you coat it in pouring cream which seeps into the spongy base and makes it cream filled and delicious. It's a dessert that my mum always makes and it's definitely my favourite.

Warm Mince Pie & Ice Cream

This dessert is so Christmassy it might as well have a big Santa hat on top of it. What's more Christmassy than a mince pie? I know not everyone loves them, it is an acquired taste I suppose but then again so is Christmas pudding or Christmas cake and I'm not a fan of those at all. However I do love warming up a mince pie in the microwave and sitting a dollop of ice cream on top so that it melts over the mince pie. This is definitely my second dessert choice for Christmas time.

Vanilla Ice Cream & Baileys 

Finally my third favourite dessert for Christmas is Baileys and ice cream. This is literally the act of getting a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream in a bowl and pouring a shot of Baileys over the top of it. There's just something about the taste of cold ice cream when it's infused with Baileys.

Those are my favourite Christmas time desserts. Probably not what you were expecting to be on the list but each to their own. Thanks for reading!

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