Wednesday, 13 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 13: Winter Wonderland Trip

Welcome to day 13, I've been excited about this post for a while now. However I couldn't actually write it until it had happened.
So on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th December I was in London. I had this trip booked for quite a long time so I thought it would be nice to include it as a blogmas post.

You might have already seen what I've been up to from my Instagram but if not then I'll give you a little insight as to how I spent my couple of days in the lovely London.

Day 1

So on the 4th myself and my boyfriend set off for London via train. I used to hate getting the train bur now I'm not so bothered, it's actually nice to sit still and watch the world fly by for a bit.
We had a Travel lodge booked at the London Docklands but couldn't check in until 3. So we decided to use the few hours we had to kill to head over to Covent Garden, we had travelcards for the tubes so getting around was pretty easy.
I'm still a bit of a London virgin because I haven't really been many places, and Covent Garden is one of them. Obviously I loved it! It was so Christmassy and cute. We watched a few street performers (one was lying on a bed of nails!!) And we looked around a little market that was there before making our way to our hotel.
After checking in we were headed to the O2 arena, hence why we stayed so close to the Docklands. We only had to get a tube over he river and then one to North Greenwich and we were there. We were at the O2 to see Gorillaz, a virtual band that we have both loved since we were young. The concert was amazing and the O2 is one of my favourite venues to go to. We bought matching Gorillaz t-shirts and wore them too. We looked so cute! The concert finished around 11 and we braved the fan infested tube back to our hotel before heading to bed as we were shattered.

Below are some pictures of our first day in London..

Day 2

On day 2 we got up and enjoyed a breakfast buffet at our hotel, which I have to say was delicious. Then we headed back out towards Hyde Park. Of course we may as well have included a trip to Winter Wonderland while we were in London. We were excited to go back as well because we went on our 3rd or 4th date there last year and we were back again this year having almost been together a year. So it felt pretty special for us to go again. And as usual Winter Wonderland didn't disappoint. There were so many rides and attractions that we weren't short of things to do. I has already booked us in to do some ice skating and go and see the 'Magical Ice Kingdom' which was an area that was kept at a below 0 temperature and the place was full of sculptures made from ice. The theme this year was 'Underwater' so there were lots of fish, mermaids and deep sea divers all carved out of ice. It was magical to see although very very cold!!
I love looking around all the little stalls there and seeing all the handmade things people have to offer. It's also nice to try some new food from the hundreds of stalls they have to offer.
After spending the whole day here we then headed to King's Cross station to catch our train home.

Here's some pictures of Winter Wonderland...

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our time in London and if you get the chance to go to any of these places then make sure you do, you won't regret it.

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