Thursday, 14 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 14: The Christmas Tag

When searching the internet for blogmas post ideas I came across this little Christmas Tag post on a lovely blog called Milk Bubble Tea, it's such a cute blog with lovely pictures. You can find it here if you want to check it out.
So I thought it would be a nice idea to do a Christmas Tag blog post. This includes 10 questions about my favourite Christmas things. Feel free to copy the questions and use them yourselves. Hope you enjoy taking a sneak peek into my life at Christmas time.

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?

There are so many great ones but my favourite has to be It's A Wonderful Life. It makes me cry multiple times every time I watch it. It's a magical film with a lovely moral and a sweet as hell story line. If you haven't seen it yet then make sure it's on your watch list this Christmas!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

When myself and my brother were younger we used to beg my mum to let us open a Christmas present on Christmas Eve and she always used to give in. I can remember searching through all the presents that were under the tree from family for the one that felt the best. I know I always used to be gutted if I opened something like socks! 
Now I like to save all my presents for Christmas day, but in honesty now that I'm older I get more excited to see other people open what I've got them. 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

The one thing about Christmases from my childhood was when my mum used to make me and my brother wait at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning while she would go downstairs, light the fire, make a cup of tea and 'check to see if Father Christmas had been'. It used to feel like we were waiting forever for her to shout up the stairs that Father Christmas had in fact been. Then once we heard those magical words we used to run down the stairs as fast as we could. It's a lovely Christmas memory to have, and now my brother does that with his three children and I know I will do it with mine someday. 

4. Favourite Christmas scents?

I love having a Christmas candle or reed diffuser around the house, along with the Christmas tree and decorations it really makes a house feel lovely. I don't have any particular fragrances I like but I love anything involving gingerbread, vanilla, cinnamon and spiced apple. Yankee Candle do a great Christmas range and so do The Body Shop. 

5. Favourite festive food? 

Stuffing! Everytime we have Christmas dinner I look forward to the stuffing more than anything. I've even been known to swap things like pigs in blankets for extra stuffing. It's just so yummy!

6. Favourite Christmas gift? 

There's no way I can choose one present I've received that was my favourite. But one thing I do remember is that one year I got all 4 Bratz dolls. (Chloe, Sacha, Jade & Yasmine) I was so happy with them and I left them sitting by the sofa while I got dressed and when I came back my dog had chewed Chloe's forearm off! I cried and my mum told me not to worry. In the end I stuck a plaster over her chewed elbow and pretended she had to have an operation. 

7. Any Christmas traditions? 

We don't have any major traditions but a few things we always do is listen to Christmas songs while opening our presents, we also always have a fire lit on Christmas morning. Another thing that we always do is go over to my brother's house on Christmas morning to see my niece and nephews open their presents. Overall we always have a lovely Christmas day and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

8. What tops your tree? 

We've always had an angel, but last year we had a star so I think we'll probably go for a star again this year. 

9. What crazy or ridiculous gift did you ask for but never get? 

I didn't know the answer to this question so I asked my mum. According to her I always asked for a hamster. Which obviously I never got, but I'm glad I didn't since I really would hate to have a hamster now! 

10. Best part of Christmas for you?

The best thing about Christmas is that fact that everyone is together, and it's a family time where everyone is happy and in a good mood. It's just lovely. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you're really starting to feel Christmassy. TTFN x 

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