Friday, 15 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 15: Games I Play At Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a family time, and what says family time more than playing board and card games together? Normally in my house we gather round the dining room table with a drink (probably Bailey's or wine!) and some snacks, then we play a few of our favourite games.
I thought I'd share a few of the games we play in my house with you on this Blogmas post.
Before I list the games I will just inform you of the one board game that won't be on this list. MONOPOLY. No way. We are not monopoly people. I don't enjoy the game at all, I find it boring and far too long. Frankly I'd rather play anything else instead.

So let's get to what is on the list.

Trivial Pursuit
I love this game! I love answering the questions and trying to get my counter filled up with little multi-coloured chips. It's so much fun being asked trivia questions and actually using your brain to answer them. I used to play the kids version when I was younger, and even some of the questions on this version were hard! I find that whenever anyone plays this game they end up getting very competitive, but it's still enjoyable for everyone in my house.

I have memories of playing this game that go way back to my childhood, me and my mum always used to play it together on a rainy day when we were bored. It's a very irritating game (hence the title!) because your opponent can very easily send you back to the beginning of the board. It's one of those games where families can go to bed not very happy with each other. However it is one of my favourite board games of all time. I know I'll be playing it a few times over Christmas.

This is a skilled card game, one of those games where you have to bluff and read other people that are playing. This game is normally played for money. However we don't tend to want to lose our money, especially since we haven't got any because we just spent it all on Christmas presents. So we either play with poker chips or copper pennies. We used to save up all of our 1 & 2p's throughout the year so we could use them for when we play this game. It's definitely one of my favourite card games, however not alot of other people know how to play it. It's very difficult to try to explain the rules but you can find them on Google if you did want to learn how to play.

We do play a few other games sometimes, but these three are our go-to Christmas games. I would like to learn to play a few more games this year. So maybe I'll get my boyfriend to attempt to teach me how to play proper poker, and I'd also like to have a go at chess since I've never played that either.
What games to do love to play around Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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