Tuesday, 19 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 20: Xmas Wrapping Essentials

So I managed to do all my Christmas wrapping yesterday! Thank God! Now I don't have to worry about that anymore. I love buying Christmas presents but there's also a little anxiety that goes with it. What if I can't find it when it's time to wrap it. What If they already have that gift? What if they don't like it?!
However once the presents are all wrapped in sparkly paper and tied with a bow then I don't have to worry anymore.

Before I wrapped my presents I snapped a few pics of what I'm using to wrap them this year. I found some really cute stuff and my presents are looking lovely, so lovely I don't really want people to open them!

So first on my Xmas wrapping essentials list is pretty paper..
I got this paper at the Card Factory in my local town. There will probably be a trend on where all this stuff is from because I always go to the Card Factory when I'm buying cards, paper and anything like that. It's so much cheaper than places like Clintons yet the stuff is still lovely.  So these are my three different papers this year. The blue with the Santa's on is more for the kids presents and the other two are for the adults.

Next is tags, ribbon and bows..
I always like to put pretty tags on my presents and I found these ones which mostly match the colours of my wrapping paper too! I also picked up this cute bow and ribbon set for only £2 or £3.

Another thing I like to make sure I have is gift bags...
I only needed to pick up 2 gift bags this year as there aren't many people that need them.  However it might have been worth picking up more just in case. But both these bags cost me less than £3 and they are so pretty!

So there's one more thing on my list that I like to have for all my wrapping, especially at Christmas..
Gel pens!!! These are for my tags, so I know exactly who each present is for. Plus the colours of tthese match the rest of my tags and paper.

These are my Xmas wrapping essentials. So I had everything I needed yesterday to get my presents looking lovely.
Have you wrapped yours yet?

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