Thursday, 21 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 21: My Top 3 Hot Chocolate Brands

I do realise I've talked about hot chocolate quite a lot during Blogmas and you're all probably thinking I'm completely obsessed with it. To be honest I probably am. Out of all the Costa christmas drinks this year the billionaire hot chocolate has to be my favourite. However despite the fact that I could drink hot chocolate pretty much at any time of the year, there's no better time to enjoy it than winter. Especially Christmas.
When I'm sitting in the evening on a cold winter's night there's nothing better for cheering and warming me up than a lovely hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows. Sometimes I even go back to the cupboard for a second helping of marshmallows.
So for this Blogmas post I thought I would talk about my favourite hot chocolate brands.
1) Has to be Cadbury's!
I know this is probaby the most one but it's just so good. I used to be always get galaxy but it never seemed to make very nice hot chocolate. It was always too bubbly and full of air. I switched over to Cadbury's because that was the one we had at work. Now I'll never go back to galaxy!
2) Options Mint Choc
Options hot chocolate is a strange one, some of them are super yummy and others are just plain weird. I love the mint choc one the most.  And also the orange and the butterscotch one are really nice. However the white chocolate and the strawberry are just not for me.
The best thing about the options mint choc is that you can juse buy the little sachets so you don't have to commit to a whole tub of mint chocolate favoured powder. So I normally just pick up a mint choc sachet it two when I really fancy it.
3) Bournville
I know, I know, Bournville is still made by Cadbury's BUT it's dark! My all time favourite chocolate is dark chocolate, the more bitter the better is what I say. So when I realised you can get a dark drinking chocolate my life was complete. I haven't had this one for a while though so perhaps I'm due a little trip to the supermarket.

Those are my top three favourite hot chocolate brands. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Merry Christmas x

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