Friday, 22 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 22: Year In Reflection

On today's blog post I thought I would speak a little about my year. It's nice to sit back sometimes and think about what you've achieved over almost 365 days. It's actually quite strange to think that we only have a matter of days left in 2017. It's sickening to think how quickly time does go by, but also exciting I suppose because you never know what the next year has in store for you.

At the start of this year...

So back in January I was still working at the pub. I was still working on my novel, and I was actually progressing very well with it, making sure that every spare moment I had I was bent over my laptop typing away.
I had been dating my boyfriend Kai for a while and by the end of Jan we were an 'official' couple, and now we're coming up to having been together a year. We've done a lot together in almost a year- from beach trips to London trips it's been lovely and I can't wait for the next year together. We're hoping to have a holiday or two together next year and we're also planning to save up a deposit for a house!

Blog Progression... 

So I started my blog back in April this year. So really it hasn't been going that long, so I'm still a little new to it all, but I have a passion for writing and I love doing this.
It was Kai's idea for me to start a blog, because he had one too and I think he thought it would be nice to do it together. I wasn't sure at first, but I let him set me one up and we both said 'if i don't use it then we'll just delete it'. Yet here I am 8 months later. I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with a blog since I'm quite busy with a lot of other things. However I've really loved doing it, even though I really have to scrape enough time to do it, it's worth it to know that you guys are reading! Thanks for all the support over the year! You're all fab!

Next Year...

Believe it or not I'm really bad at making new year's resolutions. Not in the sense that I always break them one week into January. But more in the sense that I never really know what I want my new year's resolutions to be. It's difficult for me to think of things. I think this year I'll get someone else to think of things for me. Sometimes other people can pin point exactly what you need to change or improve on better than you can yourself.

For now though I will say that my main new year's resolution is to finish that bloody novel! Then I can finally start a new one as I've had a million and one ideas since I started writing it.

Anyway that's it for today! It was nice to have a little reflection of that a good year I've had, and I'm hoping next year will be even better!
Do you have any new year's resolutions yet? If so, what are yours? And if you're stuck for some, try my idea of getting someone else's advice or opinion on what they should be. TTFN x

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  1. This year has been amazing and next year will be even better!