Saturday, 23 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 23: Giving To Charity Before Christmas

Morning! Welcome to day 23, it's almost CHRISTMAS! I can't believe how fast the month has gone! When I was younger the build up to Christmas seemed to ache by and take forever to get here. Yet now it seems like I only have to blink and it's here.

Anyway for this blogmas post I wanted to talk about doing your bit for other people at Christmas. I think sometimes everyone forgets that Christmas isn't just about buying and receiving presents. Christmas is a time when everyone should be in a good mood, it's the season of good will and for making others happy. So this Christmas I'm going to make sure I give a little to some people less fortunate than myself. There's lots of ways you can do this too;

Giving to charity is really easy to do now, there are plenty of donation boxes around that you can just pop a few coins into.
There are also things like the Air Ambulance you can give to, so a few weeks ago they dropped a bag through our door saying they were collecting clothes and bric-a-brac and general things to go to charity. We had a good sort out in our house and instead of saving it all to sell and make money for ourselves we gave everything to the Air Ambulance charity and honestly, it felt so much better. I knew my things that I no longer wanted would make someone else happy and would also go to a good cause.
I've also got a lot of old CDs and DVDs that I've recently sorted out that I'll also be dropping to the local charity shop as well. We've all got things that we no longer want a it's a very giving way of getting rid of it. There's so much that goes to waste when it can actually go to a good cause.

If you have anything you no longer want or need then take it to your local charity shop next time you go near it.
And next time you're getting your shopping, or buying Christmas presents and you see a Charity box, whether it's for the homeless, cancer research or whatever it may be, put your loose change in there and you might just make someone's Christmas without even realising it.

Merry Christmas x

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