Sunday, 24 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 24: My Plans For Christmas Day

Can you believe it's Christmas Eve today?! It's come around so quickly but I'm so excited! Today I'm working at the pub all day, but I really don't mind because everyone is in a good mood on Christmas Eve. Any children that come in are all excited for Father Christmas to come that night and they're all talking about their plans for Christmas day. It's just a nice day to be in a pub full of happy people that are enjoying a meal or a Christmas Eve drink. Everyone is well and truly in the Christmas spirit and I love it. So as you can tell I'll be in a good mood all day today, and an even better mood tomorrow!

So for today's blogmas post I thought I'd tell you a little about what I'm up to tomorrow and boxing day! I don't know about you but I love hearing about everyone's plans for Christmas. So here's mine;

Our tradition since I've been older has been to get up, open our presents and then get over to my brother's as early as we can to see my niece and two nephews open their presents. Which is pretty much what were doing this year but we're not opening our presents until later on when we get back. Which will be exciting but also messy and crazy! We will then be having our usual Christmas breakfast there too, which consists of Buck's Fizz, maple bacon, scrambled egg and croissants.
After that we will head home and probably chill out for an hour or two, and then everyone from the morning is coming to our house for Christmas dinner. Which will be hectic but isn't that the way Christmas should be? After we're all stuffed from dinner we'll probably play a few games and play with my niece and nephews toys.
Probably sounds like quite a busy day to you, but I love having my family around me at Christmas time. I know it will be a day full of laughs.

Boxing day will be a little less hectic as it will be just us in my house and Kai who will be spending the day with us and I'm so excited! I won't see him Christmas Day because we will both be busy with our families so Boxing Day will be our day together. So we will open presents that day too, which will make a nice change since normally all the present opening is done by Boxing day. That day will also involve a Christmas film, some more games and lots of food.

So there are my plans for Christmas day and Boxing day. I know I'll be having a great couple of days and I hope you do too! I dont have a blogmas post for tomorrow so that's pretty much the end of blogmas, I'll be posting a Christmas haul after Christmas so you have that to look forward to.

But for now thanks for reading and have a merry, merry Christmas!

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