Sunday, 3 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 3: Xmas Shopping Tips

It's day 3 of Blogmas! In today's post I'm sharing some tips for Christmas shopping.
I began my Christmas shopping back in November which is quite early for me, and I'm pretty much done, just the wrapping left to do. However I know some people reading this post won't have even started theirs. It can be a really stressful thing. Have you ever been to your local shopping center during the Christmas months? It's a blood bath!
So I've got some tips for when you do eventually start your Christmas shopping and hopefully these will help you not to stress so much in the future.

1) PLAN, PLAN, PLAN - This year I wanted to be as physically prepared as I possibly could so I planned my Christmas shopping out before I even started buying anything. I made a list of everyone that I needed to buy presents for, then next to each persons name I jotted down all the ideas I had for what to get them. That way I didn't really have to remember anything, I could just look at my list of remind myself.
The only bad thing about this tip is it can be quite daunting looking at the long list of people. However after I'd bought each person's presents I could then cross them off the list and slowly see it grow shorter and shorter.

2) Focus on ONE person at a time - There's nothing worse than trying to buy a few little bits and bobs for each person at a time. It's easy to get confused about which presents are for whom that way. It's best to buy for one person at a time and then when you've finished that person then move onto the next one. I almost fell down this rabbit hole this year when I went on a shopping spree and picked up lots of little things and then couldn't remember why I'd bought some of them.

3) Do what you can online - As I said earlier when you try to visit shopping places during November and December it is literally a nightmare before Christmas. If you know exactly what you're getting someone then order it online if you can. That way there's no queuing, no people and no stress. All you have to do it wait for it to be delivered. It's much easier that way and there are plenty of sites you can get presents from. I mostly use Ebay and Amazon because I can always find what I want on either of those sites.

You see there is a way to do your Christmas shopping without getting stressed out and hating every minute of it.
I hope these tips help you out when tackling your Christmas shopping. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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