Wednesday, 6 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 6: 20 Things To Do When It's Too Cold Outside

Hope you're all well and truly in the Christmas spirit by now. Today's Blogmas post is a bit of help on what to do when it's just too cold outside. Believe it or not winter can be a long period of darkness for some people. Personally I love it but some people find it l depressing and boring. This post is for anyone who is fed up with the cold weather and the dark nights. It's just a few ideas for what to do when you can't go outside. Hopfully by reading these you will still be able to enjoy winter and Christmas time even if it's dark and chilly outside.

1) Play cards or a board game
2) Watch a summery movie
3) Snuggle up with a book
4) Build some Lego
5) Draw or make something
6) Bake some cookies or caked
7) Go to a coffee shop and get a warm drink
8) Have a friend over for drinks
9) Write something, anything!
10) Skype with a family member or friend
11) Plan your holidays for next year
12) Shop online (retail therapy!)
13) Clean
14) Learn something new from a YouTube video
15) Re-organise your room
16) Do a workout
17) Catch up on your favourite TV shows
18) Plan your week
19) Sort out some old things for charity
20) Light candles, fizz a bath bomb and relax in a warm bath.

Hope these ideas help to keep your spirits up during the winter months! Let me know if I helped you at all in the comments!

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