Monday, 22 January 2018

Home Wrecker Book Review

I was asked to review this book a while ago, and I will admit I'm late posting this review since my life has been quite busy lately. But I made it in the end so keep reading on to see what I thought of Jennifer Juan's 'Home Wrecker'.

This book is a collection of poetry, it's the 3rd major book by Jennifer Juan.
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I was surprised by this book for many reasons. One being that it was so easy to read, I'm a fan of poetry but I do know that people who aren't find it difficult to get into poems especially when they are sometimes very long and dull. Although I cannot say that about any of the poems in this book! Some of the poems only consist of a mere few lines and it didn't take me long at all before I realised I was at the end of the book. So if you're quite new into the world of poetry this book is a good one for you as you won't be faced with lines upon lines of words.

This book also surprised me by the sheer brutality of some of the poems, and I don't mean 'brutal' in the sense of skull crushing and blood and gore. I mean brutal honesty, addressing things that are real and expressing a way of feeling.
The poems are all based around affairs of the heart. So that includes everything from heartbreak to extra marital affairs. I was quite enlightening to hear someone being truly honest about things that happen between lovers everyday. It's a surprisingly different take on poetry, which I find nice.

I will admit that I didn't find all of the poems to my taste and some I had to re-read in order to fully understand them, but overall I found it great to read.

This book is available on Amazon for just £2.99 and I would recommend checking it out for yourself! Even if you're not a big poetry fan, this book might just surprise you.

Thanks for reading!

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