Monday, 7 May 2018

TV Series' I've Been Watching

Watching TV series' can be overwhelming, especially when there are already so many great TV shows out at the moment. There's also people recommending you to watch this and that and in the end you find yourself not knowing where to start. I also find it overwhelming when a series I'm dying to watch already has 6 seasons. It's a big commitment to make!
However lately I have been getting through a few TV series' and I've been watching some good stuff. Some of it you might have seen but here's what I've been watching and what I thought of it. 


 So I was watching Gogglebox (which I love!) And they were watching a clip of a series on there and the tiny part of it I saw looked so good I had to find out what it was. Then a few days later a friend from work was talking about a series called Liar and told me that I should watch it, and it so happened that it was the exact series I'd seen a clip of on Gogglebox.
So the basic outline of the series without giving too much away is a teacher called Laura (Joanne Frogatt) and a Doctor named Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) go on a date together and when Laura wakes up she can't remember anything and is convinced Andrew raped her, Laura says he did, Andrew says he didn't and you'll only separate the honest from the liar by watching it. 
Although the first series is only 6 episodes long it's a very gripping and intense series to watch. It kept me guessing the entire time, even when I thought I'd figured out who was lying I was still second guessing myself until the end. It's due for a 2nd season and I honestly cant wait to see what's coming next. 

                        AMERICAN HORROR STORY 

I've been taking my time with this but did finally get around to watching it after being recommended it a millions times. There are quite a few seasons in this particular series however they don't necessarily follow on from each other. There are alot of episodes to one season but each season is about something different so it doesn't get boring. I'm onto the 5th season now but the 4th has to be my favourite, it's based around a Freak Show and has some creepy stuff in it. A few of the seasons are no where near as good as the others (season 3 was very poor!) However I'm going go keep watching until the end. 

                                PEAKY BLINDERS 

I cannot give enough praise to this series! It's amazing. Based on a powerful gang from Birmingham in 1919. This series is fill of violence, death and gore. Everything a good series should have! I binge watched the first few seasons because it was that good. I haven't quite managed to watch series 4 yet but it's on my list! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and take it from me if you haven't seen any of these TV shows yet then add them to your watch list! If you have seen any of these then comment and let me know what you thought! 

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  1. I loved Liar! Not sure where they'll take it for season 2 though. I tried to get into AHS so many times and I just couldn't, so many people seem to love it though! x